Best Moment of my Trip – The Kayak And The Storm

Best Moment of my Trip – The Kayak And The Storm

After the Horrible start to my trip, I was all set for the Day 2 in Krabi. My first time on a Kayak. It turned out to be one of the thrilling experiences I ever had. It started off well and ended with us fighting a rainy storm. Let us get into the details…..

I had made plans with 3 of my roommates to go kayaking. The resort I was staying at, The Bananas Bungalows have their own kayaks for rent at 250 baht per person.

We set out around 3pm. The sky was clear, the sea was calm. Perfect day for kayaking.

We waded through the shallow waters, pulling our kayaks, till we hit deep. I had a to take a life jacket with me as I was the only one who doesn’t know swimming. We got onto our kayaks. I was with one of my roomates. He was the experienced one so he asked me to sit in the front so that he can sync with my rowing pattern. We paddled on, slowly making our way to the islands and cliffs in the distance. After paddling for 30 mins we came close to one of those majestic huge cliffs. That was some sight. After clicking a few pics, we moved to the next one.

This is one of the most remote parts of Krabi, away from the tourist trail. Ours were the only kayaks in the area. There were no other boats in sight. The sea was all ours to explore.

We came across an isolated small beach, hidden between the rocks. The place was so surreal. It was surrounded by cliffs on 3 sides and opening into the sea, which is the only way to get there. The chirping of the birds and the squealing monkeys just added to the natural ambiance of the place. We pulled our kayaks onto the beach and decided to explore the place. One of the guys went on to climb the cliffs. The rest were busy clicking pics. I spotted a monkey walking slowly towards our kayak. All our phones were kept in there. I ran towards it waving my hands. To my surprise that monkey didn’t give a shit. It looked at me for a second then continued walking towards the kayak. I reached there in time and snatched the bag with all our phones. Still the monkey was not showing any sign of backing away. It just sat there staring at me. It probably has not seen a lot of humans out here, I guess. Then it slowly walked away in its signature slo-mo style. That was one fearless Alpha monkey. We did not have anymore monkey menace after that.

And then a beautiful thing happened. It rained. It was such a great sight. We stayed there enjoying the moment. You rarely get moments like this. Finding a secluded private beach and then it rains. I still can not get over the sweet sound of rain echoing through the cliffs. It might have rained for around 30mins. Once it stopped we left the beach and moved forward.

Then we came across a bunch of cliffs which looked like a perfect spot for cliff jumping. I stayed on the kayak as usual. Not knowing swimming sucks. I did what I am good at – taking pictures.

It was getting dark and we were a bit away from land. We could see the clouds forming for another rainy evening. We decided to paddle back. The sun was setting and we where in the best spot to watch the sunset.

We turned around the last cliff between us and the shore, and there it was waiting for us – a badass Storm. It seemed just like a blanket of rain at a distance. The view was pretty awesome by the way. And suddenly the breeze turned a bit windy and the clam sea got a little choppy. The kayak started wobbling and small waves started crashing into kayak. That is when we realized that it is not just a blanket of rain. It was a F-ing storm. The slow and relaxed paddling was replaced with frantic paddling. What made it worse was that the sea was pushing us away from land. The wind was blowing right into my face and the waves were splashing all over us. My hands were already hurting because of the frantic paddling. As the waves were us back, it felt like we were paddling at the same spot for an hour. Then it started raining again. And this time it was not as beautiful as the earlier one on the beach. That was really a scary moment for us and I was probably the most vulnerable person in the group as I didn’t now swimming.

Then the the wind and the waves slowed down, we saw the blanket of rain move away from us. The sea became calm again and we paddled hard and reached the shore in no time. It was pitch black by then. We looked back, the storm had faded off by then, the clouds moved and made way for the stars. We sat at the pier for sometime, fist-bumped each other for making it through, trying to recollect what just happened. We did not really go into the storm to be precise, just whizzed past the edge. But even that made us shit ourselves. Seeing storms on Youtube and then getting caught in one are two different things. Never underestimate the power of nature.

That was one hell of a day after all. We had left the pier at 3 pm and reached back by 8pm in the dark, not a typical kayaking day. This was the best moment of my trip which will be imprinted in my memory forever – the blanket of rain, the waves, the wind, the sunset in the backdrop. It was the storm that made it even more memorable.

But this is never gonna stop me from kayaking anyway. I will go again if I get a chance, maybe not towards a storm hopefully.


Be Strong, because it will get better,

It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever.


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120 thoughts on “Best Moment of my Trip – The Kayak And The Storm

  1. Other than the storm you skirted around looks and sounds like your day was perfect. I have not had the chance to ever to kayaking but would love to experience this sometime.

  2. I would like to try my had this year with a kayak! What an awesome trip it sounds like it was. I wish I could find some people to go out on a boat with me. I will most likely go solo unless it was a canoe with my kids. I would have loved to see the monkey. I’m glad you made it back safely and got some awesome pictures and an exciting story to go with your first kayak ride.

  3. I have spent a good part of the last two years in Chiang Mai but have not ventured into south Thailand. I see all of the posts about beautiful places like Krabi, fact a friend has been there twice this year. I am simply going to have to leave the north side and head south. Will be back in Thailand May 5th so that is as good a time to start as any.

  4. OMG! That’s so scary!!! When you’re just thinking that your day is going perfectly and its a happy sunny day perfect for any outdoor activity, and you get caught in the middle of a fury of nature without locals or guides around, that’s sh** scary!!!

  5. Its a beautiful account of your travel experience. kayaking is something i would love try right after this. Its nice to see how some bad things can turn into beautiful memories.

  6. A private beach…. I am blown! I have always wanted to experience such an isolated place with nothing but nature and me. I have fallen in love with all the pictures. They are stunning.

  7. My goodness! What an amazing journey. If you’re going to be kayaking, perhaps you should consider swimming lessons. But I commend you on your bravery. Also, those are some outstanding photos!

  8. Thailand has such beautiful natural wonders to offer – such a shame it became so overcrowded with tourists. So good you found such a quiet place! When I was in Thailand the behavior of westerners and locals involved in tourism put me off so much that I wouldn’t wish return there. The only two things, however, I won’t forget – the amazing food and the spectacular nature…

    1. True that…the reason I choose the secluded village in Krabi was to get off the tourist trail. I did my research on which places are crowded in Thailand and stayed from there.

  9. I have never tried kayaking. I want to experience it sometime! Although I would check the weather and won’t even attempt it if there is a storm approaching. That was one scary experience you had!

  10. You were surprised the monkey didn’t care? Hahah after reading enough monkey horror stories online, I would not be surprised. You made a good call grabbing the bag first.

    I’m glad you guys all made it out of the storm okay. And you got a great story and memory out of it!

    Your next order of action is to learn how to swim! I keep trying to teach my friend. You do miss out on a lot not knowing. And it’s survival skills!

  11. That definitely seems like a memorable day. And you certainly are good at taking pictures. I am glad that you had your magical moment in privacy at the beach. And good that you still want to kayak in the future!

  12. It’s great getting caught in the rain when you are perfectly prepared to get wet. Great experience. The last shot of you coming back, with the seastacks in the distance, is brilliant.

  13. I love kayaking. It must have been so beautiful to kayak in Krabi. the water looks so clear and the surrounding area is beautiful. Not so much fun doing it in the storm though.

  14. That water looks incredible! Kayaking sounds like an incredible way to see the area. Although, maybe next time try to find a weather report 😛
    Also! It looks like it could be a great place to learn how to swim. Maybe you can ask one of your roommates to teach you?

  15. This place looks fake like you photoshopped yourself there. That water is so amazing. I love reading stories rather than listicles sometimes! great story.

  16. Sounds like you had an awesome time! Going kayaking is definitely something I want to do in the near future. Visiting Thailand is HIGH on my travel bucket list. it seems so lovely.

  17. Now that is quite an adventure….the storm, the monkeys. Reading this was like reading a thriller. I am just glad that this is not going to stop you from kayaking.

  18. What a beautiful scenery! I loved Krabi and it’s stunning views and nature. Very glad that you made it back safely! It’s fascinating and scary how weather can be so unpredictable!

  19. It is true that kayak allows you to go to hidden, unspoiled areas difficult to reach with other means of transportation. I had a similar experience (kayak+storm) in Nicaragua but I was kayaking inside a volcano, in the open sea must be scary! Never considered to learn swimming? My dad learnt when he retired, he is the proof it is never too late 😉

  20. looks like so much fun. Thailand is so beautiful and I am visiting in April. I cannot wait to experience the country. Kayaking is so fun but i would be scared since you can fall in the water- I have seen it happen.

  21. That’s so cool to kayak to a secluded area and have all the beach to yourselves! I wished I knew this when I went to Thailand but during that time, it was monsoon season so it wasn’t safe to visit the islands and take a choppy boat to get there. It’s crazy to kayak in a storm though. I went through the same thing similar but in Washington state in US. The waters were pretty choppy and I was getting drained. I was so sore the next day so I can imagine how you felt too. Glad it didn’t deter you to kayak in the future though! If you ever want to learn how to swim, you should practice in a pool where you can reach the floor and start from there.

  22. Looks like you had an overdose of emotions that day! The kayak trip sounds and looks amazing. Throw monkeys in the mix and I would have been mesmerized. That storm sounds like a rough one but what a “wow” memory left for you to hold on to.

  23. What a memory! This will be one of your most talked about kayak experiences until the next one, right? Loved your photos. Your photos are beautiful and I’m sure you are ready to hop back in and you’d do it all again. Now, in regards to the cliff jumping, I’m not sure I’d do that!

  24. What an amazing adventure! Your kayaking day was better than your first day. Your pictures are beautiful and speaks for themselves how beautiful the Krabi is!

  25. What an amazing experience you had. First the rain on the secluded beach and then the storm. The landscape looks surreal I would love to do some kayaking too especially there.

  26. I absolutely love your post. You wrote it well. I love how you were able to overcome those struggles with nature. I have tried to do the kayak too but did not enjoy it because it was unexpected so I was not really prepared. When I saw your photos, it reminded me of similar setting in one of our beautiful places here in the Philippines.

  27. Getting stuck in storm is crazy. The worst part is the choppy sea. I think the view was worth all of this. Some amazing pictures of the hidden beach. Krabi is an awesome place, I loved spending one of my vacations there.

  28. Kayaking and getting inside some lagunas is really great, I did that in the Halong bay. but then again, I’m happy I didn’t get into that rain storm. That’s just scary when you’re at sea in a teeny tiny Kayak. Kuddos to you that you made it back!

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