Best Travel Websites/Apps for Travelers

Best Travel Websites/Apps for Travelers

Who doesn’t love going on a laid back vacation where someone else takes care of all your travel arrangements. Yes I am talking about the all-inclusive packages from a tour operator. All you have to do is relax and enjoy what you are offered. It is cool and pampering, but every tourist knows that you become a traveler only when you go somewhere on your own and plan everything by yourself, and everything includes your tickets, accommodation, food and sightseeing. Once you get used to the freedom and flexibility that a traveler experiences, then trust me, you are gonna get hooked to being a traveler and not a tourist. Also the travelers of this generation have got technology by their side which makes traveling even more easier. There are many websites and apps for travelers that help them to make their trip even more comfortable.

The below listed apps/websites can come in handy during a trip. Just take a look and see if you find them useful.




We know that airfares cut a big chunk out of your travel fund. But a little bit of research can really save you a lot off money. Hopper is an app that uses big data to analyze billions of airfares and companies on a daily basis, calculating the best time for buying your tickets to basically anywhere. Use the “Watch a Flight” option to get a notification for the lowest price for a specific destination.
If you don’t have a specific date for your travel, there is a color-coded calendar of Hopper which shows the cheapest dates of the month.

Available on iOS and Android.


Travel List

You don’t wanna leave your camera battery or chargers behind while going for a trip. Even those who are not new to packing for a trip forget these small things from time to time. And, if you are not one of those vagabonds who just travel with their passport and credit card, buying everything on the go, Travel List might seem like a useful app. It provides preset categories for clothes, travel docs etc.  There are calendar features and reminders  that pop up notifications for the stuff you pack last-minute.

 Available on iOS.



AirBnB needs no introduction. This app introduces you to the best accommodations around the world which don’t show up on the usual booking sites. Castles, beach-side villas, Tree-houses, you name it and AirBnb got it. It provide the locals a source of income and the travelers get the chance to experience a city like a local. You can also find details about local sightseeing tours or food tours of the places you visit.

Available on iOS and Android.




EatWith is the Airbnb of restaurants. The app is spreading to many cities around the world as more and more locals are opening up their dining spaces to travelers. As of now, the app has services in more than 200 cities and counting. Put in your travel dates and browse through the various hosts who will introduce you to their local dishes and some of them are coupled with cooking classes as well. As a solo traveler, I find this app as a way to connect with locals and other travelers over a dinner table. And remember connections made over food stay for ages. Download this app and be part of a magical dining experience around the world.

No mobile apps for this one yet. I hope they release them soon.




This is the Instagram for Food. It helps you find the closest Food Joints based on your location. After a tiring journey, you are bound to get hungry. Open this app and it will fill your feed with pics of food that have been posted close to your location. You can easily find what kind of food you get in the area. Also don’t forget to post the pics of the food you have so that it will help other hungry travelers treat themselves.

Available on iOS and Android.



Google Translate

The language barrier is still a big issue for solo travelers. But Google Translate helps us make interactions more understandable. Use ‘The Conversation’ mode which translates what you speak. But the app still has a long way to go. Prepare for the lag time and the silly translations. Some hand gestures in between can really help.

Available on iOS and Android.




This app connects with your calendar. If you are about to go for a long trip, this app can come really handy. The app will scan your travel documents and create a simple itinerary that will be synced to your calendar which you can access from anywhere even if you are offline. So need to shuffle through all those papers and Pdfs when you have everything arranged in your app as per your travel dates.

Available on iOS and Android.




Find the best about a place from the locals. This app will introduce you to the authentic and unique places in a country. It is time to ditch those overcrowded and touristy sights and eat, drink and see like a local. Even though the app has services only in a handful of cities, the numbers are growing each day.

Available on iOS and Android.




As travelers there is always a safety concern in the back of your head when you travel to a new place. Since I am a solo traveler I usually have this concern. But apps like Companion act as your personal security. It has ‘I feel Nervous’ button which sends a distress signal to your family members. It also has the button which calls the local police with just 1 tap.

Available on iOS and Android.




Unlike Companion, Safetrek cuts right to the chase. You have to open the app and press a button if you feel like you are in danger, the as you release your finger the app will automatically call the police. Suppose you released the button by mistake you can enter a 4 digit pin which will end the call.

Available on iOS and Android.




This app lets you choose your own adventure in company of like minded travelers. Another way to make friends if you are traveling alone. The app is currently available only in 22 cities. It has wide variety of activities provided by 3rd party operators.

Available on iOS and Android.




This is the brainchild of Groupon Founder, Andrew Mason. It is expanding to 17 international markets but currently providing services only in a handful of cities. This app basically acts as an audio guide of the city your are visiting. It integrates with the GPS on your phone and provide you details of the place as you walk by, which also means that you will hear about a place only when you actually reach there. Pretty innovative.

Available on iOS and Android.



Electrical Safety First

Packing the right travel adaptor is essential when visiting a new country. Or you’ll be left with no power on your phone, camera and any other electrical devices for your trip. Electrical Safety First have put together a travel adaptors section on their website giving us all the information needed to make sure you pack the right adaptor, and that you stay safe with electricity whilst away from home.

Available online.


Smartphones have a come a long way. There are a lot of other things that can be done other than swimming in social media. In today’s world, with access to internet and apps wherever you go, traveling has become a piece of cake.

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112 thoughts on “Best Travel Websites/Apps for Travelers

  1. Oooh, these are exciting apps, and especially cool because most of them are new to me. I just downloaded Hopper, Peek, and Foodspotting!

  2. Google Translate is so helpful. I recall conversing with a mechanic in Bahasa Indonesia when in Bali. He knew no English. I knew 5 words of Indo. He fixed the motorbike at the villa where we were house sitting. Thanks Google Translate 🙂


  3. Thanks for this list! Glad to see a lot of apps which connect you with locals making the list – I always try and have the most authentic and local experience as possible when we travel abroad, and I love that advances in technology can now connect us to new cultures and be a resource for providing this 🙂

  4. These apps sound amazing for us travellers! In fact I’ve literally just downloaded a few of them already as I was reading! Thanks for sharing

  5. Wow, I am really impressed! The only apps I knew were Airbnb and Google Translate. People out there focus so much on how to facilitate our trips. Great post!

  6. I thought I knew about most of the travel apps out there – and am a big fan of TripIt – but I had never heard of foodspotter. What a great idea!

  7. I used TripIt on my most recent trip to Europe. It was so nice to have all my information and organized in one place. But I did have a lot of problems with the app crashing and the website logging me out, without saving my changes. It got frustrating.

  8. Though I am a regular traveler I rarely use these items. I do however use google translate which is my girl favourite for so me language.

  9. I’ve heard of a few of these, but never heard of Eatwith before. It sounds like a fascinating concept and a way to get a real experience of a place. I am certainly going to try this next time. Thanks for introducing me to it.

  10. All these apps sound so helpful. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of TraveList before. This will be a life saver. It should help cut down on the sticky notes I carry around with me.

  11. Excess information can be a bane…one doesn’t know where to start looking. That’s where posts like these come in handy. I have a simplified list for my reference now!

  12. These days there are so many apps available for travelers, it is always good to see a curated list. We do use apps like Skyscanner, Google trips etc, but would love to give some of these a try too.

  13. I recently discovered TripIt, as well, and it literally saved my life when I was heading out on a two month backpacking trip! I’ve never heard of EatWith, but I can’t wait to try it out!

  14. Ahh cool, I was juts searching for some new travel applications to test! I use AirBnB of course but the foodie application that you found seems really handy as well. I will give it a try!

  15. These are all excellent apps/ sites Gokul. My favourite, of course, is airbnb as I have used it for years for travel…

    I guess I need to try out some more of these as well…esp Foodspotting…

  16. What a great round up you made here. Tripit must be our all time favorite. It just gathers all the information you need in a same spot! Considering Hopper to be downloaded as well, hmmm!

  17. My daughter went to Argentina for a student exchange last year and she said google translate saved her life until she had a firm enough grasp of Spanish to speak on her own.

  18. I haven’t heard of most of these apps. Some of them look really useful and can’t wait to download them and give them a try. I like the idea of the locals one and a few of the food ones too 🙂

  19. Awesome list. I had heard about few of them but some are really really new to me. Detour and hopper really sound interesting as well as informative. Foodspotting also looks good. Surely need to try some of these.

  20. Hey some of these apps really sound useful. Interesting info indeed. I had missed out on quite a few of these earlier. Must download them and check them out. Well done with this list.

  21. Wow, I haven’t heard about most of these! Localeur is something I’d definitely be interested in as I’m always looking for authentic experiences while traveling. Companion also sounds brilliant and will be something to share with my children. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. It’s very interesting read. I had no idea about EatWith, the Airbnb of restaurants and also it was my first time to learn about some other apps. It’s just a pity that sooner or later you have to buy a new phone because you run out of the memory downloading all this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I hope you can use and external card as internal memory and download these apps. And I am pretty sure these apps won’t take a big chunk out of the memory.

  23. Google Translate is the only app that I have used from your list. I would definitely download the food apps. They are new to me. I have not really used a food app before because I just go to the nearest and most convenient restaurant when I travel.

  24. This is so much what I needed right now to plan my trip for the summer! I’m going to stay in Budapest for a week or two, and then extended to Tel aviv and Jerusalem, and I want to go to Australia then, so it’s finally great to have found out your post! I’m going to save it!

  25. Hi Gokul, thanks for a detailed and really informative list. I have often been forgetting one
    thing or another when travelling and Travel List seems like a great App to have. I am a huge
    foodie and wasn’t even aware of EatWith which is a brilliant way to promote the locals too.
    I really have to go through all the Apps in the list, really some unique ones for me.

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