Cycling through the Jungle Trail in Khao Thong

Cycling through the Jungle Trail in Khao Thong

After the whole kayaking extravaganza, I woke up the next day to sore muscles. Kayaking had taken its toll on my body. Somehow I made it to the common area. It was my last day in Krabi but my flight for Bangkok was at night. So I had all day. I first thought of chilling at my resort, The Bananas. While having my breakfast, I came across this map lying on the table mentioning a Jungle Trail.

Jungle Trail

After enquiring about it at the reception, I came to know that there was a jungle trail nearby. So I decided to follow the map to see where it leads me. I rented a cycle from the resort and cycled my way through the beautiful village of Khao Thong. The roads where perfect, not the typical village roads. Rarely do you see any vehicle passing that way. The locals waved at me as I cycled past their houses. The place is a real paradise with cliffs lined up on one side and the sea on the other. This place truly falls under the category of ‘Offbeat Destinations’; the roads are empty, the sea is free of those tourist boats. The place is all yours to explore.

I came across a Football stadium on my way. Probably the best place to watch a football game in the backdrop of those majestic cliffs.

Well my mind was set on the jungle trail. I looked for the ‘Banana’ signboards to find the trail; as directed by the reception. But I was not able to find any. I kept cycling till I reached the dead end of the road, A Pier which again had some great views to offer.

This village never stops surprising me. Each road I take leads me to a wonderful view.

I then turned back the way I came. Google maps was useless as the trail is not marked on it. The only clue I had was that the trail ended on top of a cliff facing the sea. So I decided to take a mud road that seemed to go towards the sea. I did not come across anyone on this road so that I could ask for directions. I kept cycling till I reached a gate which was padlocked from the inside. It looked like the entry was restricted. Thinking that I had taken the wrong route, I turned my cycle to return back. That is when something caught my attention. I saw a small ‘Banana’ sign hanging on the fence pointing towards a clearing through the fence. There it was. I found the Jungle Trail.

I cycled through the foliage. This place was very dense. The plants and branches kept hitting me on my face and hands as I made my way through the jungle. There were many instances where I almost smashed my head into the low hung branches.

I cycled for sometime and then came across a steep slope. I had to get down and push my cycle up the slope. That is when I found a bunch of leaves and twigs stuck in the rear wheel and the chain. After clearing that, I went up the slope and decided to walk the rest of the trail with my cycle.

The chirping of the birds, monkeys jumping on the branches overhead, watching the sun-rays make their way through the canopy of trees was some sight and the feeling of being all there by myself was something that can not be put in words.

I walked through the jungle for 10 mins till I reached a clearing through which I could see the sea. The trail ended on top of a cliff facing the sea. There it was, the breathtaking view, the breeze, the sound of waves crashing into the rocks beneath you. I sat there for sometime, thanking myself for starting my trip in Krabi. What if I had missed that flight, I won’t be even sitting at that spot. I took some pics and then headed back for the resort.

This marked the end of my stay in Krabi. With beautiful and exciting memories for a lifetime, I flew for Bangkok – My next stop, for my next set of weird adventures,Β from Tuk-Tuk racing to eating scorpions.

Stay tuned……


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113 thoughts on “Cycling through the Jungle Trail in Khao Thong

  1. This is truly an experience of a lifetime. The jungle looks so pristine in its natural beauty. Great post! πŸ™‚

  2. This looks incredible. My cousin just got back from Thailand and had similar stories and pictures from his time there. Made me so eager to plan a trip there!

  3. Woow! I enjoyed reading your cycling adventure and looking at the pictures and these amazing views! I think I would be a little bit affraid to walk alone through the jungle tho! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, so you were on your own in this Jungle Trail. That sounds great, specially if you have a trail map. Of course, its only a trail, so there would be chances of getting off πŸ™‚ Looks like you really enjoyed the little adventure.

  5. Like your kayaking trip, I love the serenity and the peacefulness your photos show of your solo bike ride. It’s a gorgeous place to ride, and getting out into nature always makes one feel better…at least until they wake up with sore muscles!

  6. Sounds like such a cool adventure! We would love to check this out sometime–the views you found along the jungle trail were amazing! Such a great way to end your time in Krabi!

  7. I got tired just reading about how you did kayaking, hiking and biking all within 24 hours. I also got inspired by your cool adventures and the beautiful scenery photos. What a great experience!

  8. I wish I had come across this post just a little bit earlier! I was living only an hour from Krabi a few weeks ago and took many weekend trips there, but had no idea this existed. I know I’ll be back one day so I’ll definitely keep this in mind

  9. I’m sad I missed this while in Krabi! That view definitely looks worth the trek. What a great way to see a different part of the area. I’m sharing this with a friend headed to Thailand this Summer!

  10. This sounds like an awesome ride but you are – clearly – a brave person! I can’t help but think of the show Naked and Afraid as I look at your pictures of riding through the jungle and then coming to a clearing where you see the gorgeous ocean! I’m all for the ocean part but I’d have to skip the jungle tour. Still sounds like a great adventure!

    1. I too was a scared when I started the trail even though I had ensured at the reception if it is safe. I was worried if some snake would come across my way but everything went fine.

  11. The Thai islands are so full of awesome adventures. This one sounds amazing! Good stuff for pushing on and getting to what sounds like an outstanding view at the end. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Your Krabi trip sounds amazing with little low’s in the beginning but after Kayaking the second day and the last day, it looks fun. I bet, you would be had an experience of a lifetime on your first solo trip!

  13. Wow, what an adventure. I love that is was a spur of the moment thing, that you only went because you saw the map at breakfast, The views look incredible, I’m sure it got your muscles working again after kayaking!

  14. Such a memorable experience. I haven’t been to Krabi yet though I have been to other parts of Thailand. Hopefully I can make it to this beautiful place some day.

  15. Thanks for taking me on this journey.. i can really picture how you made your way through the jungle and then, at the end stand on that cliff enjoying the view! Thanks for sharing; I saved it to my pinterest board for our next Thailand trip in 2018!

  16. Beautiful jungle trail but it seems more apt for hiking than for cycling? Anyway, nice views at the end, cool that you found the way to it in the end.

  17. What a great place for a bike ride – and although your muscles were sore from kayaking, I bet the gentle exercise did them a world of good. And the uphill climb was certainly worth it for the view! Stunning!

  18. I’ve been wanting to get more into cycling because it’s such good exercise and a great way to see a lot of things while traveling! Would love to go cycling through the jungles of Thailand, the scenery looks stunning!

  19. Looks like you had an awesome and wholesome adventure on your Thai journey. The best part is that the end of the trail opened to a beautiful scenery.

  20. Looks like a great place to cycle round. Always great I think to get out on the bikes and make your own way through locations such as these. It’s these types of experiences that I love the most.

  21. Cycling through the jungle trail sounds really interesting and exciting. When we were in Thailand, we had limited time and hence could not do this activity, hope to get there again and enjoy cycling in the countryside.

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