Dream Destination – Iceland

Dream Destination – Iceland

Being an introvert, I would choose peaceful mountains over rave beaches any day. To that add active volcanoes and sparkling waterfalls and green meadows till the eye can see and of course the Northern Lights, and here we are in Iceland – a Travelers Paradise. Maybe one day I will be there sitting on one of those cliffs looking into oblivion, penning down my thoughts. It is a dream I wake up with, giving me travel goals, urging me to explore the world beyond my comfort zone.


How can someone not get high after seeing this?


With a population of just about 3 lakhs, this Nordic island nation, situated between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, is the best place where someone can just get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


This could be the best place to get some of the best landscape snaps on your camera. A real treat for a travel photographer. The spectacular lagoons, glittering glaciers and the mesmerizing hue of the midnight sun. Its cinematic landscapes will leave you transfixed.


Still not convinced, then you should watch the music video below, this should give you some major travel goals.


15 thoughts on “Dream Destination – Iceland

  1. Iceland is indeed a dream destination, there’s something really magical and mysterious about it! I really want to visit it together with some of the other Scandinavian countries. The northern lights are very high on my bucket list. I can totally relate about being an introvert and travelling.

  2. Hello, from one introvert to another :). Iceland looks amazing and my boyfriend keeps telling me that we should go, so I guess we need to go. Maybe next year. Great post!

  3. Can’t wait to get to Iceland and see for myself how much more there is to the reality as compared to all the beautiful pictures I keep seeing.

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