A New Beginning – Travel Blog

A New Beginning – Travel Blog

Finally time to write my First Post. My Travel Blog is still taking baby steps with lot of work pending and still a month to go for my First Solo Trip to Goa. I just don’t want to see my Blog lying empty. So here we go…

Spent the last 2 days designing my blog, installing few plugins, playing with the themes. It is kind of fun to work on the WordPress Tool, which is the most popular tool for website customization. You have lot of options to try out and experiment with the blog appearance and performance. And I also choose an iconic date, 15th Aug (Indian Independence Day) to start my Blog.  Thanks to Bluehost.in for the special Independence Day 70% OFF coupon. *wink*wink*

The best part of having a travel blog, or any kind of blog, is that feel of buying/owning your own small space in the ever growing expanse of the Internet. Blogging can usually start as a hobby where one can jot down his thoughts and experiences which can later become the foundation for a full time job.

In my case, I started this travel blog as a place where I can document my travel and my own tips for Budget Travel. From being an avid reader and getting recognized for my writing skills in school and to doing nothing much in College, my Life Graph has been constantly fluctuating. Writing this blog should help me get back the old writing and reading skills. For now, am just considering blogging as a Part Time job as I have a Full Day Job during weekdays. Will start Freelance writing to other websites as well.

I have also noticed that most of the Travel Blogs I have visited were started off once the bloggers had done a good deal of travelling themselves. Well I have my blog ready even a month before my first trip, so getting the content for my blog is going to take time.

From what I have read from other bloggers, the initial period is going to take a lot of Hard Work, Dedication and sometimes even Frustration. Most of the bloggers out there had quit their jobs, even before having a second source of income, to fly around the world. That takes some guts guys. I have zero experience as of now, but still I wont recommend that kind of daredevilry to the rookie travelers like me out there. Plan. Save. Travel. That is what my blog is all about. If you have a day job, keep at it even if you hate it. Keep the money coming. If your dream is to travel, some initial sacrifice is needed. Make sure you have your parachute ready before you jump of the career cliff. Once your blog starts making money, you may quit the Job you do not want and live the life you have always wanted.

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As a rookie, who is just starting off with his First Post on his travel blog, I will be documenting all my blunders and trial & error methods, as I progress in this blog, hoping someone someday might find them useful.

As the great Malcolm once said,

Yes my friend, “As love and life always has, your Blog will also find its way

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