Why I love Goa in the Rain !!!

Why I love Goa in the Rain !!!

Goa, a pint sized Indian state, the party capital of India, an abode for hippies, a blend of Indian and Portuguese lifestyle and ohh yea the never ending beaches. These are the things that come to your mind when you think about Goa. People try and avoid Goa in the monsoon as rain can play spoil sport. But no matter what people say, Goa is one of the best places to be even during the monsoon. I had visited Goa in September. It was my 25th birthday and I wanted to gift myself something different this time. So there you go, my First Solo Trip. September falls under the rainy months in India and obviously it was there in the back of my head when I started my trip. But Goa in the Rain has left a beautiful impression in my heart and I do have a few points to prove the same.

Changing Shades of Goa:

You get to see the landscape turning from a lush sunny hilltop to a windy rainy one in 30 mins. See for yourself.

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After 30 mins.

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Sitting at this isolated spot near Anjuna beach in the rain was the most beautiful part of my trip. Drenched in rain and solitude.

Travel Cheap:

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Monsoon is the off season for Goa. Off season means everything is cheap. Everything from trains, flights, buses accommodation, food, renting vehicles etc. If you want to visit Goa on a budget then this is the best place for you. You get everything for half the general season price.

Lesser Crowd:

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The tourists hit in only during the New Year and Christmas eve. You have the beaches to yourself and you get to click the perfect landscape pics without anyone spoiling the shot. Yes…..no dumb-asses who will walk into the frame all the time.

Get those perfect landscapes:

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The cloud cover and the sun trying to penetrate them sets up one of the best landscapes for you. Put your photography skills to use.

And last but not the least,

The Majestic Dudhsagar Falls at Full Flow:

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The picture says it all. The DudhSagar Falls comes down in all its glory during the monsoon. It is a sight you need to see in person. The sound of the falls and the water spraying all over can leave you speechless.

If anyone tries to stop you from visiting Goa during the monsoon, then you know how to give it back to them now.

80 thoughts on “Why I love Goa in the Rain !!!

  1. Wow, the DudhSagar Falls look incredible! I’ve never been much of a massive city person so the thought of Mumbai and places like have kept me from visiting India. But the quieter places where I can enjoy the nature are right up my alley.

  2. The last two pictures are very powerful ! I’m glad you wrote this because I was starting to wonder about where is it nice to travel when it’s raining… Goa seems to be an okay place to do so. Particularly if you want to spend time with your thoughts 🙂

  3. Gorgeous photos! haha, love the no dumb asses walking in front of the lenses. I get that all the time as if people can’t see i’m snapping a shot and stopping for a second! For monsoon season you sure did get some lovely photos and the rain doesn’t look to bad!

  4. Beautiful photographs, I can totally understand why you love Goa in the rain! It’s great to have spots like this to yourself too!

  5. Wow Goa looks incredibly beautiful even during the rainy season, probably even more so in fact. It’s also always a bonus when you can enjoy everything for a fraction of the price too!

  6. Spectacular photos Gokul – People avoid the rain wherever possible, but from a photographers point of view, bad weather always makes for better and more dramatic, unique photography. Nothing more boring than a photo with a clear blue sky!! And from a travelers perspective, as you mentioned, it’s cheap :D!

  7. Judging from your pictures, it looks like you had a couple of great days. I’m not a big fan of traveling during the monsoon season, but as you say, the price is generally very attractive. Goa sounds like a really amazing place and a great way to celebrate your birthday. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  8. Goa is beautiful any time of the year. But yes in the monsoon, the place seems to erupt in a cosmic dance of joy as the rain pours its benevolence. The coconut palms sway in ecstasy and the waterfalls are full. It seems as nature is prostrating in reverence at the beauty of Goa,

  9. Plenty of offbeat things to do in Goa during monsoons. You really get to see a new face of Goa then other than the beaches. Loved the Dudh Sagar falls. haven’t been there yet.

  10. Beautiful pictures! I know many Indian states in the South but never went to Goa. It seems that September is not that bad : less people, less rupees and gorgeous full waterfalls, I’d sign for that!

  11. Very beautiful…absolutely love that waterfall. I can see why you would like it with less people, less expensive, and still lovely to explore. Sounds almost perfect!

  12. You make some really good points about visiting Goathland in the shoulder season. Living in the UK I’d probably deal better with rain than extreme heat anyway. Thank you for sharing x

  13. Wow, Beautiful! I must say indeed it looks awesome despite the rain. The pictures are really stunning and the rain creates a unique atmosphere that you cannot capture during a sunny day. And the best part is that it is not so crowded. Should visit places more often during the offseason.

  14. what a coincidence. visiting Goa in the monsoons and watching the thundershowers on the beach is on my bucket list!! And now you gave me even more reasons to visit here in this season

  15. Goa looks like a great place to visit rain or shine. I especially liked the formidable photos with the intense light shining through the dark clouds in your photos. I hope I get a chance to see Dudhsagar Falls sometime.

  16. Your photos are gorgeous! I always see blogs recommending to avoid the rainy season or other bad weather season, but it’s such a great idea to visit during these times. I feel like the experience would be more local anyway- fewer tourists to contend with!

  17. Your pics are truly amazing Gokul, I really like them a lot.
    This region looks like a place for recharging the batteries and with absence of tourists (beside New years), so this could really fit to our bucket list. What do you suggest for a minimum amount of days to stay?
    Cheers & happy travelling

  18. I have heard and read much about Goa. But, I have never heard or read anything about Goa off the season and in the monsoon time. Thank you for sharing one more perspective of Goa. I have to agree we you, traveling off the season could be more fun than in the season!

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