How a Stray Pup from India became a Traveler, All thanks to Humanity

How a Stray Pup from India became a Traveler, All thanks to Humanity

Meet ‘Chapati’, a 7-month old cute pup who is having the time of her life traveling around Asia with her new found family. Well the first month of her life was not all about waking up to beautiful sunrises. It was just like any other stray dog in India, sick, hungry and abandoned to fend for themselves. At the same time, somewhere in Ukraine, a couple quit their jobs and took off for their trip around Asia. Little did Kristina and Eugene know that their first stop in Kochi would change their lives forever. As fate would have it, on the 3rd day of the trip, their paths crossed with that of a weeping and starving stray pup. Seeing her dilapidated condition, the couple decided to take her to a vet but couldn’t find any pet hospitals working at night.

So they decided to keep her for the night. They tried to keep her clean and did whatever they could do to comfort her from the dehydration and overheating she was suffering from. This probably became the hardest night they ever had and a turning point in Chapati’s life. Next day, they took her to the hospital and got her treated. There were lots of ticks and parasites lurking in her body. Once they got her all patched up, they decided to search for a dog shelter as traveling with a dog was not part of their plans and it can also be really hard.

Now coming to the name ‘Chapati’. This is going to put a smile on Indians for sure. It is not a conventional name for a dog but the reason why they named her is pretty valid. Chapati is an Indian bread, thin and brown same as ‘Chapati’. You see both of them got their similarities. Once they named her, there was no looking back. They decided she is theirs and started googling on how to adopt and travel with a dog. They stopped looking for dog shelters and owners and went ahead with the adoption.

AT THE VETERINARY HOSPITAL IN KOCHI Pt. 2 We were really happy to find the Cochin Pet Hospital. The results of our visit are: No fleas anymore! My age is defined (1,5-2 month ) I started to put on weight (because Pyrantel expelled three huge worms from my body) My bones became stronger and my legs were straightened in the short run after inclusion of new food and the supplements (before I had a tottering gait and my left front leg was arched). Overall our visit cost 2000 INR (including takeaway meds&supplements), plus – 1000 INR for some purchases in their shop (puppy training pads, some chewy stuff and Royal Canin Maxi Starter 1 kg). So, my friends, you need less than 50$ to make a street dog look like a superstar Day 4

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Adopting dogs is not quite popular in India. Many can’t afford having a dog, and those who can, spend heavy bucks for an exotic breed. Those furry big dogs find it hard to survive the Indian climate and often get sick and then get abandoned by their owners. While the strays can thrive in the Indian climate, all they need is someone to look after them.

When people saw a stray pup traveling with two foreigners, it did gather a lot attention. People were shocked to hear about their story and that is when the couple realized that many are not aware about adopting dogs. So they decided to start an Instagram page for ‘Chapati’ in an effort to spread awareness through their story and prove that the strays can be as good a companion as the purebred ones. The page has garnered around 12K followers and has made Chapati a mini celebrity on the internet.

They do agree that traveling with a dog is not easy as not all places are dog friendly but the couple made sure that if they are traveling then it is all of them together. Sometimes they find it hard to find accommodation or places to eat that is within their budget. But they still believe that traveling in India was pretty easy as Indians are welcoming to tourists. Also ‘Chapati’ being a pup helped them convince the train conductors in trains to let them travel in coaches that didn’t allow dogs. As per their experience Nepal had the most dog friendly atmosphere where they were allowed to enter temples together. But Thailand on the other hand gave them some real problems traveling with ‘Chapati’. Anyway ‘Chapati’s’ journey continues with her family having covered around 5 countries, she is now in Philippines.

It is surprising to see what a small act of kindness can do. How a dying stray pup fought through all adversities and is now having a great life to look forward to. Stories like this don’t come around everyday and when they do, they are supposed to be cherished and respected. This one goes into the list of such stories that restores the faith in humanity.

“I think that Chapati is a perfect dog for a nomad life. She doesn’t care where to sleep, she feels good at any transport and any place, as long as all three of us are together” – Kristina

“Chapati is probably born for travels and overall she behaves better than most of travelers”. – Eugene

Eugene and Kristina with ‘Chapati’

(All images sourced from ‘Chapati’s’ Instagram account where you can follow her globe trotting adventures. All images are sourced from there after getting permission from ‘Chapati’s’ hoomans.)


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102 thoughts on “How a Stray Pup from India became a Traveler, All thanks to Humanity

  1. Oh this is so adorable! And her name is very cute – Chapati! I’m amazed at the generosity of this couple who fell in love with Chapati, willing to take care of her and bring her along in their travels 🙂 Awesome!

  2. This is such an inspiring story! Not everyone is so selfless to adopt a dog and take him on their travels, most would consider this a burden. Great job, guys!

  3. Well done guys! Love this story Gokul. We helped a few pups in Pondicherry way back when. After the month we left but it felt good to know folks down by the water were feeding them and caring for them, and even though 1 pup we took in died – a few days old and mom rejected it – all the dogs we fed were growing strong before we jetted.

  4. What a great story! I love the name Chapati as it sounds perfect for this cute former stray. I’m also surprised at how little it cost to get her in tip top shape – well done!

  5. Wonderful story! I have thought about turn my cat into a travel companion. We recently moved from San Francisco to Tuscany and she was incredible! She’s never been on a plane and she acted better than most kids are on planes, haha. It’s amazing that they adopted this stray and made her a part of their family even though it can be difficult to travel with pets. Thank you for this post it’s very inspiring!

  6. What a wonderful story, so lovely to read about this couple and their lovely Chapati! I can see that their compassion drew them to help a creature in need, and then their plans changed to include this beautiful dog. Probably not the trip they had imagined and yet so many different experiences and conversations must have risen from it!

  7. Chapati looks like such a happy dog now! The name fits her perfectly. Where is the next destination on her travels?

  8. What a heartwarming story, it’s always incredible to hear about human acts of kindness – and Chapati looks so comfortable with his new family! Good on them for not only adopting and caring for him but also spreading awareness of dog adoption throughout India. One less stray!

  9. Aww. Chapati is so cute! Love her story! And so well travelled! Glad to know that Nepal is dog friendly. Could not imagine being able to enter temples together. That’s awesome.

  10. It would be a super experience to be everywhere around the world with your own puppy. I believe it is an unforgettable experience to share with your loved ones. @ knycx.journeying

  11. What a touching story indeed. It’s not common to hear of some foreigner adopting a dog and that too a stray one in India. Going by the pics, it indeed looks like Chapati was born with the travel bug inside her. She was just waiting for the right travel parents which she found at a very young age.

  12. That’s so amazing to see people treating animals this way 🙂 Usually, the news like to tell us otherwise… I saw many unlucky puppies in various countries, it’s such a sad sight… So nice this one found an amazing family 🙂 Will be their best friend now for sure!

  13. Such a heartwarming story! It reminds me of one of our trips to Greece about 10 years ago. As we were walking along the beach, we saw a man kicking a dog out of his car, and then drove away in a hurry. The poor dog was so lost, barked for a long time, and finally came over to us. We played with it for a while, and then took it to our hotel, where the owner decided to adopt it and named “Lucky”! 🙂

  14. What a cute little pupper! Although I suppose she is more of a doggo now 🙂 This was a really sweet story to read and reminds me of a few instances where I have come across stray dogs before and have helped them on their way. Hoping Chapati has more exciting travels in store.

  15. What a heart-warming story and I love that the dog is now a traveler, and promoting dog adoption as he goes. As a dog owner myself, I would have had a hard time giving her up too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Eugene & Kristina rock! What a selfless and humane gesture to save that puppy and adapt their travel plans in consequence! I will follow Chapati’s Instagram account and make sure to help spread the word. Kudos to both of them and to you, Gokul for this amazing blog post!

  17. This just makes my heart melt! I hope they’re able to take Chapati back home with them (if and when they ever head back to the Ukraine) – what a lucky dog!

  18. What a sweet story. I had all smiles while reading it. My best friend is a dog lover and she has started her dog NGO. I surely need to share this with her. Indeed Chapati is really an interesting name and she has become a real traveler for sure!

  19. Wow.. That is an incredible story. I am surrounded by so many dogs and puppies where I am right now and I cannot even think of abandoning any one of them.. Well done!! Really proud 🙂 I’m sharing this

  20. I enjoyed reading your post. It is definitely an incredible story. I am going to follow Chapati on IG. It is brilliant that Kristina and Eugene created an IG account for Chapati. I know that a pet can travel with their humans but Chapati’s story is one of a kind. I think other travellers might be willing to adopt a pet after knowing Chapati’s journey.

  21. Well done. Being a dog owner I know how hard it is to travel with a dog. We found it so hard in India because of the amount of stray dogs. My other half was always giving them water. She was so sad. We will never tour China because of the way they treat dogs.

  22. That is pretty cute! Traveling with a pet is awesome; sadly, it can be quite difficult especially if the trip involves flying or staying in hotels. Hope we could meet Chapati someday. He would love our mischievous dog Polly.

  23. Such a nice story! I’m glad for them that they made a not easy to make decision, and now have the best traveling buddy you can wish for. I always have dreamed of traveling with a dog, now I read this story it doesn’t sound too crazy anymore 🙂

  24. My heart just burst 🙂 What a sweet story. Adopting is so rewarding, I don’t recall owning a pet that didn’t come from a shelter even as a kid.

  25. It’s so sweet story. I love the name Chapati, even unusual for a dog. Also idea of creating an Instagram account is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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