Importance of Travel Insurance

Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance sounds like one of the many insurances you don’t need. For many, getting a travel insurance is just another added expense and many travelers are going to be like , ‘Why do you really need one? What are we actually buying?’ Actually getting a travel insurance is a smart move. I even take a small insurance for my overnight bus journeys which covers for accidents and baggage loss.


People generally learn only from their mistakes. Before travelling, they spend a lot on their high end DSLR but fail to get the travel insurance to protect it, which will only cost 5% of the whole expense of the journey. Anything can go wrong on a trip. Consider you didn’t take a travel insurance, someone can steal it and that will spoil the whole trip. And if you have the travel insurance in place, then just get a police complaint registered and get the amount reimbursed from the travel insurance company. This is just one case where travel insurance can save your ass. There are many more.

Trip Cancellation:

OK the D-day has arrived but you can barely get up from your bed. You are sick. Obviously you are not gonna make to the airport on time. The trip cancellation coverage will help you recover the expenses.

Missed the Connecting Flight:

Layoffs are always a pain in the a**. But missing the connecting flight. How bad can it get now? But if you have the Travel Insurance then the missed connection coverage can take care of this. You will be assisted in booking the next flight and the expense will be taken care off.

Getting sick or injured while on the trip:

Ooohhh street food. Looks so yummy….munch munch. Few moments later you might find yourself rolling on your bed. If you are not used to having street food, things can get really bad. If you have the medical coverage in your travel insurance plan then you can get assistance to locate the nearest hospital and safe transportation. Medical expenses in a foreign country can break your bank if you do not have a travel insurance in place.

Terrorist Event:

A few days before your trip, the rats decide to come out of the hole and create a ruckus in the country you are about to visit. The Govt closes all airports and declares emergency. The trip is not going to happen anyway. But you need not worry about the money you spent if you have a terrorism coverage. I am not sure how many travel insurance companies provide this add-on as it is not mandatory but this is upto you depending on which country you are visiting.

Baggage delayed/Lost:

You have arrived at your destination airport. But the airline decides to send your baggage off on a Solo trip to some other place. You are stranded without any clothes and other personal items. But you can relax if you have a coverage for delayed bags. You will be reimbursed for the essential items and the service hot line can help you get your bags back.

Another case is where the baggage gets stolen in transit. With the coverage for baggage lost or damaged, you can get reimbursement for new clothes and personal items and also a luggage bag.

Passport gets lost:

This is for the most absent minded travelers like me. Your passport is the most important document for you while traveling. There can be times you misplace it and it gets lost. It is always recommended to keep a scanned copy or printouts of the passport in person at all times. Travel insurances usually have the coverage for lost passports which will expedite the the process of getting a new passport.

Emergency Assistance Services:

You are on a Road Trip in a foreign land and the car suddenly breaks down. You don’t speak the local language and you are stuck without any alternative transportation. With the travel insurance you can get emergency assistance which can help you get to your destination without further hassle.

Flight Cancelled:

Now you had a great vacation. At the Airport, you see that your return flight has been cancelled by the airlines because of some technical issues. But the Trip Interruption Coverage can get you on the next flight home or reimburse your flight expense.

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The above mentioned scenarios can seem scary to rookie travelers especially if you want to Solo Travel. But like I said, Travel Insurance can come in handy in all these sticky situations. Anyway it is upto you to get the best travel insurance based on your travel plans. Travel Smart…Travel Safe.

Always remember one thing, if you can’t afford Travel Insurance , then you can not afford Travel.

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  1. Terrorism insurance tends to be really pricy and many policies simply will not offer it. I looked at including it on my last policy and decided against it when weighing up the chances of needing it. The good news is that if an incident were to arise before departure and the FCO (UK foreign office) were advising against travel to that area then the travel company must honour that and refund or offer alternatives. As for everything else, seriously I shake my head in disgust at people that people who do not take travel insurance out and then rely on the goodness of the British/(Insert country) people to help repatriate them. If you can afford a long haul flight, you can afford travel insurance. This may sound harsh but as someone who has claimed for medical treatment (torn ACL, broken collar bone, cellulitis just to name a few incidents – yes I am a walking disaster!) it is foolhardy to travel without. Repatriation can run into thousands.

    1. Thanks a lot for the point on Terrorism coverage. It is pricey but it is not needed to travel to many countries out there. I see that the insurance came in handy for you.

  2. Hi Gokul,

    Good reasons 😉 Definitely helps to have travel insurance because all manner of interesting things happens on the road. Meaning, wacky crap LOL. Travelers know this. When you leave your comfort zone things get….interesting 😉 Thanks for sharing!


  3. I gotta say, I am one of these people who travels without insurance, but I should probablyyyyy change that. You never know and I wouldn’t recommend travelling without!

  4. I have always travelled with travel insurance, it’s just the right thing to do. I know lots of people don’t though and just think its not a risk I am willing to take. It really doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make sure you’re covered for any eventuality. Your points really help in illustrating this and I hope it convinces more people to get insurance!

  5. Great post! Im one of those people that get really mad at others for not purchasing travel insurance lol. Especially when you consider how many times it pays for itself if you get into trouble. I usually pay an extra 20$ or so and get cover for natural disasters. It can seem unlikely but can cause absolute chaos with travel plans and its good to be covered. Especially if heading to volcanic regions. Cancellations galore on flights if one goes off…

  6. If I’m just in the states I don’t tend to purchase but, any other type of travel… it is a must. Thanks for all the tips very important information.

  7. Having worked for an insurance company before I started travelling full time, I guess I understand the importance of travel insurance. As a minimum people need the medical cover, this is what I make sure I have as generally the personal belongings cover for cameras/laptops etc is terrible unless you pay a fortune for it. Mine are getting to the stage they need replacing so I just get the basic cover for this. I don’t understand why people don’t buy it when you hear the horror stories of what can happen if you don’t have it!!

  8. I agree that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. It’s something that is a non-negotiable for us and we have made only a few claims over the years, but well worth it.

  9. Yep totally agree – Travel insurance is one of those things that you never want to understand the value of but, if you have to, you don’t want to regret having brushed off its importance.

  10. Hi Gokul,

    Great post, I have definitely been in more than a few of these scenarios and travel insurance has saved my butt! Whenever anything goes sideways when you’e travelling, being insured will just make it that much simpler to rectify! I remember my first time travelling in Australia at age 17, my travel buddy came down with appendicitis and thank goodness we were insured! I’ve never had to cancel a trip for any reason, but it sure sounds like it would be a nightmare, touch wood!


    Emily Kydd

  11. It’s amazing how many people decline travel insurance even if you explain the benefits to them. It’s really not that expensive but wouldn’t you feel better knowing you will be reimbursed if your luggage is lost, your flight is canceled or delayed, you get ripped off while traveling or even worse you get sick while you are away? We actually had our very expensive rail passes stolen then had to buy point to point for 3 weeks. That’s not cheap but it was completely covered by insurance. Definitely worth the money.

  12. Indeed, a list of so many things that can go wrong could be a bit scary and definitely made me double think the insurance. Most of the time I don’t get insurance relying on european health card and the fact that my trips are not very long and so far only in Europe. Sometimes when I am changing more destinations, have insane amounts of trains and flights I get it just in case. I have to agree that it is very necessary though I am being reckless most of the time.

  13. Travel insurance should be at the top of the list for any traveller. It’s just not worth risking it because SO MANY things can go wrong. I’ve never met a traveller who has got through life travelling the world without some sort of disaster!

  14. Well knock on wood I’ve been traveling for over 16 years and I’ve never had travel insurance nor been injured. I’ve lost a couple of things over the years but not enough to have warranted paying for that many years for the coverage. As I get older though, and carry far more valuable stuff (and don’t have health insurance in my own country anymore since I don’t live there) I feel I should start doing the smart thing.

  15. Good reasons to have travel insurance. I get my travel insurance free with my credit card so I always have it. But not covers serious crazy sports or terrorism. Thats when I need to upgrade. But seriously, everyone needs travel insurance and people shouldn’t ride their luck!

  16. I was pondering whether or not to get a travel insurance before going travelling for a long time. I’m glad I came across your post and then decided to make one. So far I have been safe, but who knows maybe a day will come when luck changes. Thanks for the tips!

  17. I always travel with insurance but it is just that sometimes insurances make things very complicated. I would add to the post to read also the “small letters” before making your choice

  18. I totally agree! Never traveled without insurance, but I often needed it. Just tripping and needing an xray can otherwise empty your wallet at once. I think full coverage depends on where you go, but basic medical care as well as transport home in worst case should, in my opinion, always be included. So thanks for this really important piece!

  19. Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is great, let alone the content!

  20. Travel insurance was the first thing that we purchased before leaving on our trip! It was right after buying our plane tickets. We thankfully haven’t needed it yet, but I’m prone to accidents of all kinds so I’m just waiting. It would be wonderful to not need it, but it really does provide a peace of mind.

  21. I despise buying travel insurance but I know that I need it & reluctantly, now I never travel without coverage. As a shoestring long-term traveller, it actually eats up a lot of my budget. Your post has made me feel a bit better about it though! 🙂

  22. I’ll admit: we don’t travel with travel insurance However, with our medical insurance we can go to the ER anywhere in the world & we always get the extra insurance for electronics (we’ve never used them but it is the most likely to break or get stolen). We should put more effort into it, and you are write that we should have an insurance. Like you say, we will learn from our mistakes

  23. Great article! I couldn’t agree more about travel insurance. My Fiance was hit bar a car while on holiday and the travel insurance not only pays for injuries but also maintains your wages if you have to be out of work. It’s so important to be covered and has so many benefits that you have listed!

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