Is India the ‘Worst’ Country to Live in ?

Is India the ‘Worst’ Country to Live in ?

We have all those few great Bollywood and Hollywood movies depicting India as it is – Dirty, weird, smelly AF with all that culture and curry. How can someone really live in this country amid all this so called ‘Filth’. Go an take a look below and tell me how could I go wrong.

To Start With…..

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Now the beaches to spoil your day….

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And here comes the Desert to haunt you….

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Eyes are hurting…Why it has to be so Green?

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Living Bridges….as if it is a Big Deal

source :,_Nongriat_village,_Meghalaya2.jpg/1280px-Living_root_bridges,_Nongriat_village,_Meghalaya2.jpg


How can playing with Colors ever be fun…..

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And when you thought it can not get any worse….

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Need Help…..this is not getting better

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Not cool…

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Too much for Diversity…

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I agree that India is not a perfect country but as it was said in an Indian movie ‘No country is perfect, you have to make it perfect‘. Every country has its own share of internal and external conflicts. This post is a result of a few articles and movies that I came across, which were hell bent on criticizing the shortcomings in India.

Traveling in India is a real test of character, not only for travelers from outside India but also for the locals. The culture, food, language, landscapes, fashion change drastically as you travel from one state to another.  Even we Indians find it difficult to adjust to the change. Sometimes traveling across states makes you feel like you are traveling to another country; such is the diversity of India. But the stereotypes never seem to end. One thing I can assure is that India will offer you the good and bad experiences you need to evolve as a human.

Overwhelming and impressing travelers around the globe, the love-hate relationship with Incredible India continues…..

(Introducing my first collab post titled ‘Indian Diaries : The Agony and The Ecstasy’. It will be featuring stories of travelers who have traveled across India, describing their love-hate relationship with the country. The first set of stories will be published next weekend. Anybody who would love to contribute can leave their email IDs in the comments or contact me at for more details.)


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81 thoughts on “Is India the ‘Worst’ Country to Live in ?

  1. What a cute skew on the issue. Very humorous approach. I’m yet to travel to India but definitely think you need to be prepared for anything when you travel to any country and of course open to what you see and find.

  2. Great take on the issue. The western media often has a lot to answer for with regards to what they show people – and what they ‘accidentally on purpose’ miss! Lovely pictures!

  3. Loved the post. The pictures capture so stunningly the rich and varied landscapes of the country. The colour and culture of India comes alive in the post.

  4. I think it’s always been a personal opinion question. There are places in the world I don’t like, some that don’t intrigue me enough to travel there and others I liked but they were one time visits. I’m sure for many India is the same. It’s a lot to take, even for is residents, but yes thanks for pointing out some important aspects of our beautiful country.

  5. I love posts like this. They completely dispell all the stereotypical images that come to mind about a place. I saw something similar with Turkey recently. The world needs so much more of this and not the typically sensational images in the media.

  6. I always heard the major cities in India were crowded and dirty and the countryside was really nice. I don’t know, sounds like my kind of place. I don’t mind visiting places like that because they are full of life and culture and that is what I enjoy about travel. I have been to a lot of places that have a reputation for being crappy destinations and once there I found them interesting and not near as bad as people said.

  7. Thankyou for putting this post together – I agree that the overwhelming stereotype of India among most of the tourism industry is undeserved – I think people don’t bother to look past the massive cities, and don’t realize that there is so much diversity, of culture, of landscape, to enjoy. As you correctly put, no country is perfect, but I do believe that we have an obligation to travel and find out for ourselves.

  8. Great argument you have in there! India is on top of our to-go-to list and we want to go there once we are definitely ready for things. We are so excited for the future and we are excited to see the wonders of India soon. ❤️

  9. India has definitely its beautiful sights, still one shouldn’t forget the forced marriages and the sexual assaults… I know that there’s many Indians that aren’t involved, but it still makes me think why the law isn’t enforced better.

  10. India is one of my favorite countries but I’ve heard from travelers and locals that it is either a place you love or a place you hate. There is no in between. The image of the boat, where is that taken?

  11. Based on those photos I’d say India is definitely NOT the worst country to live in. There is so much diversity among the people and the nature. I can’t wait to go visit in March!

  12. I have never been to India, but my perception of India has always been a good one. Some of the nicest people I have met have been from India, including Rahul Dravid, who went out of his way to run up to his hotel room and bring me down his autographed training Guernsey when touring Australia in 2004. I know you are not necessarily talking about people, or their star cricketers, but I know India has always been high on my list and this article, this well written article with great pictures has inspired me more. Thank you.

  13. I have read to many of your posts to know there is definitely more to India than maybe some of the stereotypes. So much beauty especially in non touristy areas. Every traveler should judge for themselves. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Being an Indian – I agree with everything. I have a love-hate relationship myself with the country – but mostly the “hate” part just comes from my city. Big city life in India is the worst. Apart from that, some of the MOST exotic spots in the world (like your pictures depict) are in INDIA! It is fun, colorful, diverse and def builds character. I have always endorsed my country, though sadly can’t do the same for my city.

  15. I’m heading to India for Holi Festival! I have to remember to collab with you when I get back. I’m honestly a bit nervous about it, but your photos put me at ease. Thanks for sharing and hope to keep in touch! I’ll be reading your other India posts 🙂

  16. I did not expect this when I saw the title. A nice take. India is beautiful in its own way and only the real traveler understands this. Stereotypes are everything. I once had a 30 mins argument with someone who went to Rajasthan, saw all the elephants around the tourists and concluded that people in India still ride elephants. She just wouldn’t stop arguing. I wish people would expand their horizons once in a while.

  17. I haven’t been in India, but i ll love it to go someday! It’s definitely a unique and different experience!! Great post, so useful Thanks for sharing with us! + we have the same blog theme 🙂 hahahah Good to us

  18. I have never been to India and it is probably not in my immediate future as I have so many trips already planned but never say never! Great idea for a colab post. I look forward to reading more

  19. What an outlook..while agree totally on the side of India that you have presented. Still, agree with that google result as well. There’s a reason for it. The other side of India..the ever growing population with little civic sense that you will find in cities, metros and towns..hope that face of India becomes like the rest that you have brought out here..

  20. I love the angle. Before I read I was already thinking ‘well no surely its not the worst!’ And then very quickly you changed my perceptions of your article. I can see this Indian Diaries series going quite well.

  21. I like the diversity of India, a reason why I want to visit this country. I love how you presented India as a worst country to live in—an eye-opener why we should never judge a country base on what we hear.. instead, why we should explore and experience it…

  22. What a great photo perspective! I have been to India and yes it is dirty in some places, but it has quite a bit of incredible history and a kaleidoscope of culture to explore.

  23. So inspired to do such a post myself as you have put it so so well. Great job buddy we need to put India out there and tell everyone that its a country we are proud of and are always going to be.

  24. I spent 10 weeks in India but I did not love it… I was expecting it to be more intense but I didn’t find it too dirty or too crowded or too overwhelming… it was just average… sometimes I think I’ve just been travelling for too long!

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