Money Saving Tips you need to Implement rigthaway

Money Saving Tips you need to Implement rigthaway

To reach your dream destination, you will have to maintain a travel fund with honesty and determination. As of now, you may not be having the finances to make your dream come true, but it doesn’t mean you can not accumulate it. The most important thing is to have a rock solid decision which will be the driving force for months to come. Living on a budget can feel very restrictive but at the same time it keeps your finances under control. Whenever the going gets tough, keep reminding yourself of the universal truth : all our dreams come true only when we have the courage and grit to pursue them. After all, your achievements and successes won’t matter as much as the precious memories you have made down the road. I think we are done with the Pep talk here. Jumping back to the money saving tips.

Start Selling off Stuff:

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There are a lot of things we buy even if we don’t need them. And then we still keep them. We buy trendier fashion and cooler tech gadgets which will eventually spoil, fade and perish. Sell all those useless stuff and spend in a more sensible way. One thing we need to understand is that material possessions won’t make you happier, memories will.

1 iPhone 7 = 2 weeks in South East Asia

Stick to your Grocery List:


This is one of the hardest things for me do. There is always that delicious cupcake trying to seduce me at the checkout counter. Make a grocery list and STICK to it. Avoid buying things out of your list. Try to get essential items in bulk to get more value for money. Use Coupons wherever possible. Save the receipts and track your expenditure. It may seem little sweaty when sticking to a tight budget. But don’t sweat on the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

Save on Electricity:

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This is what parents have been saying for years and now it makes a lot more sense. Going through the drill again….switch off all electric appliances when not in use. Try using LEDs and CFLs which are less power consuming and last longer as well than the conventional bulbs. If you feel any old appliance is sucking more power it is better to replace them.

Practice Price Comparisons:

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When ever you are planning to buy something, do a research on the prices. Most of the time we can get a product for cheaper rates online. Also compare the prices on different websites and try to get the best deal. Also make sure you don’t get addicted to online shopping.

Avoid Credit Card Debts:

Credit Cards can be very useful financial tools if you know how to control your credit usage. If you are the kind who uses credit cards for impulse buys, then it is better you ditch them right away. Credit Card debt is a result of poor planning and control.

Stick to these money saving tips and maybe in a few months or in a year you will be having your Pina Colada time on a turquoise beach.


9 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips you need to Implement rigthaway

  1. Great Tips! I couldn’t agree more with your methods for downsizing to conserve funds for travel. Minimalism greatly compliments a true travel lifestyle! I would also add that it’s great to be a perpetual ticket watcher…wait for the best price for your desired destination, buy, and then plan the rest. I think many people do this backwards by planning for a date, and then finding the accommodations that match the time rather than their budget. And for this reason, most people believe that travel in affordable, because they haven’t thought of it outside the box.

  2. Really great tips! Simple and sweet! It requires a lot of discipline but I think once people stick to these rules they really can achieve the ultimate dream. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Minimalism is really great for saving money. Once my husband and I started downsizing and controlling our spending was when we were able to start travelling. People never believe us when we say its the reason we can afford to travel. The savings really start to add up when you stop buying stuff you don’t need. A quote I love is “We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress we don’t like” – Dave Ramsey.

  4. Creating a travel fund is a great idea! You are so right that “1 iPhone 7 = 2 weeks in South East Asia.” I’ve always been happier spending my money on experiences (especially traveling) rather than possessions. I do have an iphone 6, though!

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