Mt Batur Sunrise Trek – Things to keep in mind

Mt Batur Sunrise Trek – Things to keep in mind

Sometimes the view from the top of a mountain can become so addictive that trekking one volcano is not enough. After returning back from Mt Agung, I signed up for the Mt Batur trek. got myself a 4 hr shuteye and was ready for yet another trek. Well this time I was prepared and had an idea of what to expect while climbing a mountain. But Mt Batur is a baby volcano compared to Mt Agung. This 1700m active stratovolcano is one the most visited peaks in the world and last erupted in 2001. According to my guide, you will find around 600 people at the summit during the sunrise. Well I did not count but I did see a crowd at the top.

Getting to the Base

I signed up for this tour with the same operator, Puji Sunsrise Trekking, with whom I had went for the Mt Agung trek. But I guess this trek can be done by your own as this is just a 2hr trek and there are are lots of people doing the same. Almost all my roommates had signed up for this trek and there were around 15 people just from my hostel. We were picked up around 2:30 am in a mini bus. It is a 1hr drive to the trailhead from Ubud. From the base you can see a string of flashlights making their way up the volcano. Make sure you stick to your group at the trailhead as it is swarming with people. It is easier to get lost at the base than on the mountain.

Fees and Guides

The rates go from 500,000 Rp (38 USD) to 800000 Rp (60 USD). The rates go up, the farther you stay from the trailhead. If you stay in Puji Bungalows, then you can get a discounted price of 350,000 Rp (26$) with Puji Sunsrise Trekking.

Regarding the guides I don’t think there is any legal requirement. As this is a tourist spot, there are hordes of people climbing up. You just have to follow the line, which usually moves slow. So you will get a lot of breaks in between the trek. But I still would recommend having a guide as you will need someone to show you around the craters after the sunrise. So you will get a lot of breaks in between the trek. Regarding the guides I don’t think there is any legal requirement. Since I signed up with a tour operator, our group had 2 guides.

Accessories to bring

You will start the trek by 4am and it will take 2hrs to reach the top. Recommended to wear jackets and long pants to save yourself from the cold at the summit. Also wear hiking shoes or sports shoes. The guides usually have the flashlights for everyone as you start trekking in the dark. Trekking poles are not a necessity for this trek. The breakfast is usually provided by the tour operator but better to have your own water bottle and set of snacks.

Safety Measures

Not really a hazardous trek, but make sure where you place your foot unless you want to kiss the lava rocks. The ground is a bit loose at the top. The trek is quite well organized and you just have to follow a zig zag path which is being followed by everyone. First time climbers may have to take it slow and steady but eventually everyone makes it to the top by sunrise. I did not notice any safety hazards while climbing up other than the occasional foot slips on the rolling rocks, a stark contrast from the Mt Agung trek.


Mt Batur is a year round destination but it is better to avoid the trek during the rainy months of Jan and Feb. Too much cloud cover can spoil the sunrise view.

At the top, there are two spots where you can catch the sunrise. One is the Sunrise Spot where most of the people settle down. The other one is the summit, which is another 30min hike from the Sunrise spot. I recommend doing the extra 30min hike as there are less people at the summit. It is quite windy and cold at the top but it gets better with the sunrise. The sunrise was as beautiful as ever even though the view does get blocked occasionally by the drifting clouds. Take out your camera and go on clicking as you watch the sky transforming itself into a beautiful canvas. One of my favorite moments was when you see the first rays of dawn at the horizon and also the lights glimmering in the darkness beneath you in the same frame.

Once the sun is out, climb down and follow the guide to peek over the craters. Watch yourself as you walk along the edge of the craters. Also there are a lot of monkeys here with whom you can click pictures but be wary of these animals. I am not a big fan of those sneaky rascals, so I stayed away from them and instead went on to inspect the smokes coming out of the openings in the crater.

While coming down, do not take the same route you took to climb up. There is a better and longer route which offers really gorgeous views of Lake Batur and its surroundings. The substantial lava field from the 1968 eruption is still visible today and you can spot it the blackened area to the right of Lake Batur. The lower half of the route takes your through dense forests and also less people take this path which makes it even more untouched and beautiful.

So that is how I trekked Mt Agung and Mt Batur in 24hrs. Needless to stay I was totally tired and spent the next day on my bed. But as I shuffled through the pictures, I realized how much I had pushed my body in the past 24hrs and still came out in one piece. I am not really physically fit for adventure but when I travel I try everything out; Everything that scares me, from climbing a volcano without any prior experience to kayaking in a storm without knowing how to swim. I just want to see more sunrises like this from much higher altitude in the future and I am pretty sure I will need something more than just determination to make those treks.

*Putting on my running shoes*

42 thoughts on “Mt Batur Sunrise Trek – Things to keep in mind

  1. Such stunning photos! Seems like a really great adventure. Good to know you don’t have to go down the same route you took going up -keeps it interesting 🙂

  2. I have no idea if I could be as strong as you! I get to understand that for this kind of trek you have to have some experience, right? The rates are also affordable but I was mostly worried about waking up at an ungodly hour for a very hard hike!

  3. Too bad i missed doing this when I was in Bali some years ago 🙁 It’s definitely on my Bali bucket list now though! Your Pictures are awesome, especially the one with the shoes 😀 What exactly do you mean with “cold on the top”? How cold does it get there?

  4. I’m saving this one! I’ll be in Indonesia all November and this is one of the places we want to visit, even if we have to wake up super early! Love all your pictures and the details really helped me get an idea of how the tour goes.

  5. Wow, great view on the summit! I for one love hiking and I’m glad you shared this experience. I haven’t tried hiking mountains outside of the Philippines. I’ll definitely put Mt. Batur on my list.

  6. OH MY GOD! The pictures are stunning. Doesnt look an arduous one but for views like this one wouldn’t mind going all the way! 🙂 Thanks for the detailed account and tips! Love the yellow hues pic!

  7. Haha, I would be SO annoyed if I got to the top and had total cloud cover!! But it looks like you really got lucky – sensational shots, and I LOVE the one showing the sunrise with the lights still on down below. You deserve it though – that is an awesome double trek adventure to do in 24 hours!!

  8. Wow 4 hours sleep between treks is quite the dedication! Sounds like a beautiful trek – thanks for the heads up on not necessarily needing a guide – I agree that it would be good to have someone at the top though who can let you in on information about the craters.
    Glad to hear that the line of people takes it slowly. Especially when you’re hiking in the dark, some extra safety precautions required. Beautiful sunrise though – definitely worth the extra trek and early morning. Thanks for the tip on taking the second route back down again.

    Kudos for doing both in 24 hours!

  9. Mount Batur is the ultimate bucket list item for any serious trekker. The views during the sunrise is spectacular! That alone would convince me enough to trek it even though I don’t like mountain climbing, trekking or any sorts of similar activities.

  10. Your photos are amazing! Worth the 2 am wake up call, that’s for sure. Great tip on going up all the way to the summit, and good to know that it’s best to take a different, scenic route down.

  11. I can’t believe you started the trek after only 4 hours of sleep! I totally couldn’t do that. I agree with you fully that watching the sunrise from atop a volcano is completely addicting. And I think it’s amazing how cold it gets once you reach the summit!

  12. Wow. I liked the way you described your experience. I always wanted to trek but doing a volcanic peak is seems interesting. Fantastic pictures and good for beginners like me to do this particular peak. Thanks.

  13. I can’t do a 24hrs trek but those pictures you have might make me leave my comfort zone and try it. The views at Mt Batur is just simply amazing. I can imagine how thrilling trekking with your roommates feels like.

  14. This sounds exactly like my cup of tea! A nice easy(ish) hike with some killer sunrise views! And the price is actually much cheaper than I would have thought!

  15. What a stunning sunrise. Really worth the effort of getting up early. The advice of keeping a lookout for loose rock is very apt. As missing a foothold could prove disastrous.

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