Perfect Travel Destinations for Introverts

Perfect Travel Destinations for Introverts

“If you would rather people-watch than chat with the locals, that is perfectly fine. Travel the way YOU like to travel.”
-Susan Cain

Introverts have their own way of traveling. And they are always in search of non-touristy, quiet places which are not frequently thronged by tourists. Being an introvert myself, I have decided that wherever I go, I will make it a habit to explore atleast one city or village which is not on the tourist trail. I did that in Goa on my first Solo Trip and I will repeat that at my next destination.

Being an Indian, with a massive population of 1.2 billion around you, it is difficult to live as an introvert. You will always find those over-enthusiastic and over-talkative homo sapiens in every corner of this country. There are only a handful of places which are having a lesser population density and most of them are not easily accessible.

I decided to do a little research on Travel Destinations for Introverts around the world and I did find some exciting destinations to add to my bucket list.




Not only is this country introvert friendly but so is its tourism department. It has a strict tourist entry policy and does not allow many tourists at once. That is probably why the country appears untouched and the landscapes and monuments are well preserved. But they are a bit lenient towards Indians and few other countries who get to enter without any visa or other formalities.



Can never leave out my dream destination now, can I? Why this is my dream destination? Read it here.


New Zealand


A country having one of the best landscapes in the world. If you find yourself in need of some quality alone time, ditch your pals for the company of a camera and head to New Zealand for whale watching, swimming with dolphins, kayaking along the peninsula, seabird spotting or a long nature walk. Introverts, take note, a diverse and dazzling destination awaits you.


Costa Rica


Costa Rica is an introvert’s dream. It’s safe, ranked number one when it comes to the population’s “satisfaction with life” and has a wealth of national parks for introverts who come to life when surrounded by nature. Roll around in a hammock on one of the many beaches or practice yoga. Alternatively, hike through the rainforest or kayak along the quiet mangrove forests of Damas Island’s estuaries.




Canada is more of an ambivert than an introvert. But that is OK I guess, as long as there is untouched wilderness and peace. There’s no better place to sit alone and daydream without interruption than on a long, trance-inducing train ride. Kick back with a book or gaze thoughtfully out the window while taking in Canada’s diverse and breathtaking scenery on a cross-country train ride.




Put two Finns in an elevator.  Neither of them says a word and they don’t feel uneasy at all.  There is mutual understanding between them that they didn’t have to start small talk.

Finland is remote and much less touristy than other parts of Europe, and the culture here is welcoming to introvert travelers. The locals appreciate peace, quiet, and nature, so it’s easy to get lost in your own personal space here. Finland is a safe destination for solo travelers, free of judgment and with plenty of space to call your own for a while.


Galapagos Islands


Just like Bhutan, the number of people admitted to the Galapagos Islands is limited, so introverts won’t have to worry about large crowds and lines when they visit this amazing natural spot. Instead, they can reconnect with nature and themselves while observing wildlife species, like blue-footed boobies, iguanas, sea lions, and seals. This is a great opportunity to learn about history and geology too, as small groups arrive on the island by boat.




This yet another untouched paradise. Mongolia has the luxury of having only 2.8 million people, and nearly an area of 604,000 square miles in which to spread out. Mongolians just don’t care about you and that is in a nice way. It’s not that they are callous but they just prefer to leave folks alone. Sitting on your duffel bag at the bus stop and fell asleep? No big deal. Someone peeing a few inches from your feet on the sidewalk? Such is life. And it’s just not a big deal. People are very much self centered here.




I was a bit surprised to come across this country during my research. Being a small island by area and a population of 127 million, it does not look good on paper but the society is more rewarding for introverts. There is always silence even in the most bustling cities, be it in public transport or a bar. It is easier to disappear into the crowd here. With lot of local attractions around, this place can be a perfect retreat for introverts.


There are many more countries that are introvert friendly, esp the ones lined up in Eastern Europe. That would make this a really long list. If there are any introvert travelers out there, I hope this helps you to find your next destination.

I like to think of an introvert as a prickly, desert-hardy cactus, which can self-sufficiently survive in solitary landscapes.  But put the cactus in the middle of a bustling city, or in a chaotic office, and it will be over-watered, over-stimulated, and underdeveloped.  -LonerWolf 


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102 thoughts on “Perfect Travel Destinations for Introverts

  1. Thanks for sharing! I was just recently thinking about the difficulties of traveling as an introvert. I am going to add a few of these to my list! I think it is so great that places like the Bhutan and the Galapagos Islands have a limited number of tourists at a time. I imagine it helps the location keep it’s beauty.

    I traveled to Japan this past summer and would totally agree that it is an ideal location for introverts. I couldn’t believe how quiet public transportation was. Literally no-one talks on the subway (at least in my experience). It was a stark comparison to when I traveled to China weeks later!

  2. Love this, bro! I am mostly an introvert as well and do indeed love less busy places when I travel. You gave me some great ideas! As I’m still very much a (low) budget traveler, I’ll leave Europe and the more developed countries for the distant future. For now, I’ll focus on the cheap and easy to get to countries, i.e., the developing nations in Asia first! Going to Nepal next month!

    About Costa Rica, I’ve never been but I heard prices are up compared to its other Central American neighbors because of North American immigrants and vacation goers (surfers, yea). I guess that means more tourists too. 🙂 Just a word of caution. Take care.

  3. “Instead, they can reconnect with nature and themselves while observing wildlife species..” love it! Those words alone makes me to want to travel as an introvert 🙂

  4. We are bookmarking this post for our future travels! You just gave us the perfect list of countries to visit. You might have already guessed it, yes, we are introverts as well 😉

  5. I love this – I’m an introvert myself, which can be hard when travelling! So many of these places are on my list, hopefully I’ll get to check a few of them off this year 🙂

  6. What a perfect list! I’m dying to see Bhutan and Mongolia. These are great destinations, not just for introverts but for people wanting to see a different side of the world in general.

  7. Loved reading this post and a great list (and loving the photos at the same time). Got me thinking what an introvert was until I woke up a bit more. 😀

  8. I am mostly an introvert myself and all of the places you mentioned look amazing! I do okay in busier destinations to as long as there is a quiet place to retreat to after a long day 🙂

    1. Yes, Bhutan is expensive for travelers from few countries because of the 150$/day rule. That is the governments tactic to reduce the tourist flow to the country. For many Asian countries including India, this rule doesn’t apply.

  9. This is perfect– I want to go to every one of those places. Iceland, in particular, is at the top of my list. I do like to talk to people, but only after I have had plenty of solitary time in nature!

  10. That is a great list, I agree! Iceland and Finland I have seen, New Zealand and Bhutan are already very high on my list. Iceland is indeed for introvert people, this kindness and relaxed way of the Icelandic people – that was indeed a fantastic experience! Ah and not to mention this outstanding beautiful rough nature 🙂

  11. What a great list! We are not introverts but somedays we just want to travel without all the noise and interference of others – so even for non-introverts this is a great list! Love it and for sure will keep this list handy in for our next set of adventures.

  12. Category for introverts!!! A much needed one I will say. Good policy Bhutan tourist office follow – that of not allowing too many tourists at one time. Costa Rica is my dream destination too.

  13. I love the idea of travel destinations for introverts. Some of the most popular places in the world are so crowded that I just want to get out of them when I’m in them, so this list is refreshing. Alot of these are on my bucket list too.

  14. This is a great article man, I’m not an introvert or extrovert but you’re list of dream destinations all look worthy of a visit. It must be a challenge being an introvert in heavily populated India. I see travel is your escape!

    1. Thanks man…I would not call it an escape or maybe it is 🙂 I want to travel solo, in search of places which I have not read about. Traveling is a challenge for many introverts out there. I just want to prove that it is not that difficult.

  15. All great destinations. I’ve been to Iceland (multiple times) and New Zealand, and can’t recommend them enough. Perfect!

    Japan and Galapagos also high on my of places to visit!

    You’re right, probably difficult being an introvert in a country with SO many people.

  16. We love being social when we travel, but we have a week set aside each year where we completely unplug and get away from both the city and internet! I’m glad to see Canada on the list, out in the Rockies is our perfect place to get away!

    1. I too love being social when traveling. Introverts can talk with like minded people, it is just the meaningless small talk that doesn’t get them.

  17. I love this! I would say I’m a bit of an introvert – coincidentally I’ve been to a fair few of these destinations! Japan is really high on my wish list at the moment, the quiet, polite culture would be perfect for me I think 🙂

  18. This list is great! Some of them have been on mine too. I think living in those round “yurts” of Mongolia for sometime away from the sea of humanity (thats India), should be exciting.

  19. This list is basically my dream travel list! I often struggle with the over stimulation of travel and prefer the more quiet destinations! Great post, I really enjoyed reading this!

  20. Some great destinations here on your list for introverts. Not sure if i am an introvert, i do nt mind talking to people but most of time i dont see the need to be chatting to strangers. Much like the Finns i am comfortable with the silience

  21. You have listed so many dream destinations of mine. A few weeks back, I read a post from another travel blogger about her experience in Bhutan. Now that you’ve mentioned it in this post, I realized maybe this is a sign that I need to add this to my travel radar!

  22. I’d never really thought of my style of travel searching out independent experiences off the tourist trail as being a reflection of my sometimes introverted nature because I am always looking for a local to chat to and an insight into the culture and local community but you are possibly right. I certainly have an attraction to all the locations you have selected.

  23. Interesting read! If I ever decide to take a break and need to head off to less crowded destination, your posts provides me ample of options. Galapagos Island and Mongolia would be the perfect places for intorverts. All the places you mentioned are my dream destination, hope to tick off atleast some of them this year :).

  24. Man, I would have never thought Japan could be a quiet place! From the pictures of Toyko, I feel like it would be utter madness! I’m interested to hear why Iceland would be good too…

  25. I loved the Susan Cain book! And we have quite a few places in common – New Zealand, Canada, Japan. I would like to visit them all. I really enjoyed this piece, seeing destinations from a different angle, and wondering how it would be to an introvert in such a huge country, as you say.

  26. I love this, it just shows that travel really is for everyone. These places look simply stunning and a perfect way to get away. I am wondering if I used to be Finnish in a previous life now though-love an awkward silence!

  27. This is a great post. I love the idea. Although I’m an extrovert myself I really do love to get away from all the hustle and bustle and get in touch with nature. I was just in NZ – and it’s definitely a place you can escape the crowds. I hired a van and just drove – sometimes by myself – it was bliss 🙂

  28. I only have Galapagos, Mongolia & Bhutan left to visit. I really want to go to Bhutan it looks beautiful. I am the happiest out of big cities, I hate them and in the mountains, surrounded by fresh air and no people 🙂

  29. The husband and I are definitely introverts and so I’m not surprised to see so many destinations that are on my list here! I’ve been to Japan and there are many places to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities. We’re off to Iceland later this year, and Costa Rica, Bhutan and the Galapagos are in my top 5 places to go!

  30. I couldn’t agree more with this list. I’ve been to all of these places except Mongolia and they are perfect for introverts or any one really. I may be a bit biased but New Zealand is top.

  31. Totally agree that Iceland is a fabulous place – even during the height of summer, we rented a car and as soon as we were outside of the city limits, it was almost as though there was not another soul in sight. I’m an extrovert but my husband is an introvert – he’s brought me around the loving these kind of secluded, non touristy and off the beaten path destinations too 🙂

  32. What a great list! As an introvert I can totally relate to all of this. I found Scotland a great place to explore on my own as well!

  33. These are such good locations, and I would echo what was said about Costa Rica – I’ve travelled there and it’s a fantastic place to go as an introvert, especially trekking through the wonderful rainforests with trees and nature for company! Iceland is definitely on my list now. Seems like a great place for some solitude!

  34. Very cool and original post.

    You definitely picked great destinations. Many of them are very isolated outside of the cities such as Iceland, Canada and Finland.

    I agree about India, I was visiting there last year and you do feel like you need some quiet time after a while 🙂

  35. I lived in Finland for a year so I can confirm what you say about it. I liked it, it was such a peaceful place but, sometimes it was too much. For example, during lunch time at university, all Finnish students were sitting in the pantry alone and no one was talking. It was the quietest college pantry I’ve ever been.

  36. Never would have thought that a South or Central American country could make the list. Thank you for making me look at Costa Rica differently!

    Happy continued travels!

  37. Having been to New Zealand three times, I can full heartedly agree with it to be included on this list.
    My last travel destination was Tasmania, which could also make it on the list. It has some crowded spots – like any other tourist destination – but a lot of things to do and see with few or no people around. There’s e.g. the ten day South Coast track (haven’t done this personally) where you never cross a street or come through a town or village.

  38. Nice ending quote! I love to get away from mass tourism. Crowded places and long queues make me feel a little uneasy. Bhutan is something that I have not considered before but sounds like I could add it to my bucket list. Iceland and New Zealand are already on the top of my list 🙂

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