Reasons that stop you from Traveling

Reasons that stop you from Traveling

We all have reasons that are stopping us from traveling. It is easier to put off things for later using some lame excuses. Obviously, you are the main obstacle that you have to deal with. Sometimes you put your fist down and decide to do something about it. You start researching on places and deals and exploring destinations. But the energy fades off and you return back to your normal boring life. This is something which every rookie faces including me. It took me an year to take off for my First Solo Trip. I had my share of insecurities of travelling alone. I kept on recreating problems that I might face instead of focusing upon that unique experience of Solo Travel. So instead of drooling over your friends vacation pics, get out there and click your own. Below are the possible reasons that stop you from traveling.

Fear of Travelling Alone:

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To be honest, before I took off for my First Solo Trip I had never met another Solo Traveler in person. All the knowledge I had about Solo Travel was from other travel blogs. I did not even take any advice or tips from anyone I knew. I just booked my tickets and went off. But I was not afraid, I was just excited because everything that was going to happen would be new and unique. I had never been so positive in my life. I learnt that traveling alone doesn’t mean you are going to be alone all along the trip. I asked for help from locals when I was stuck, I made friends in the hostel. Everyone needs to travel alone once in their life. Just give it a try. If you don’t like it, take a friend next time.

Financial Constraints:

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This is a common reason you get to hear. If the Travelling Chaiwala can’t inspire you to start a travel fund, then probably nothing will. If you really want to make it happen then you will definitely find a way. Maybe a few Saving Tips can help.


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Should I even explain this part. Your parents always have you inside their over-protective net. They expect you to lead a conventional life like they are doing, as per society’s guidelines. They are always worried about the money part. They believe in investing in materialistic possessions than in experiences. It is always difficult to bring your parents in terms with your idea of travelling. Well you can remind your parents about what people your age typically spend their hard earned money on – clothes, makeup, fast cars, drinking beers and electronic knick-knacks. Let them know what kind of investment you will be making when you spend your money on traveling to your dream destination. The memories you make and the knowledge that you gain can never be broken, stolen from you or ever go out of style.

Language Barrier:

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This excuse is really outdated. With so many language apps and translators at your disposal, this is hardly a problem now. You can also get the chance to learn a few common phrases in a new language.


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This can be an issue when you are traveling alone. Well you have already made it to the point where you are reading this blog, which is because you have succeeded in avoiding deadly situations on a daily basis. So just keep doing the same while traveling. Having said that, you may have to hone your ninja skills a bit as traveling to a different country is a lot different from roaming around in your backyard. An extensive research on the places you are travelling to can sort this one out. You can take up a travel insurance which covers up for any emergency medical expenses and baggage loss.

Well these were the reasons I had before I took my First Solo Trip. Well I have put them to rest. Maybe you should too.

Carpe Diem!!!

28 thoughts on “Reasons that stop you from Traveling

  1. I agree these are very common reasons people don’t want to travel. I even use a few of them myself, and I travel quite frequently. Sometimes our lives have a mind of their own, don’t they?

  2. As a travel family, I don’t have the identical issues, but can relate on many. Financial and safety are probably the biggest for us, but a lot is time, in trying to schedule 4 of us to be able to go outside school and work. But I agree, we are our biggest obstacle, and one can make anything happen with a little planning!

  3. Love this post, so many people make excuses. I get that there are some people who actually can’t just pack up and go but there is always a way to make sacrifices to travel in a way that fits your life. We have a mortgage and had jobs, but we found a way to go backpacking and make our dream a reality!

  4. I love this post. I think it highlights a lot of excuses that people use and gives them a reason to just go for it. The language barrier section is my favorite.

  5. Yes, these are all the same reasons I put off traveling for so long, and it took me forever to take a solo trip. Like you, I’m so glad I did! It may not be for everyone, but I loved it!

  6. The self is ones’ greatest enemy and also ones’ greatest friend. So when one has made up his or her mind and hoisted a backpack on to broad and erect shoulders. It is time to take the first step and leap into the chasm of travel.

  7. This is all so true. I have a very busy 9 to 5 job and study at uni so that puts a dampener on my travels but it still finds it. Plus I love to travel solo!

  8. Travel is never as hard or as expensive as everyone thinks. But yes a lot of people do put it off. Equally a lot of people just aren’t interested in travel at all. so it’s important to understand the difference between those who simply don’t want to and those that would love to and should go but put the road blocks in the way. I’m glad I’m not one of those people. When I want to go, I go.

  9. The “travelling alone” excuse is sort of understandable but once you travel alone just once, you may never want to travel again with others!
    I love the freedom to go where I want, eat what I want, do what I want and all without having to cater to other peoples wants and needs!
    Remember Eagles fly alone while dirty pigeons need to fly in flocks!

  10. I can see these reasons make sense, and Agree that there are so many obstacles that prevent us from traveling as we may like to. When I was younger it was difficult to travel with a family and children with all their school activities, but i still managed weekends away with and without them and also taking a couple of trips a year. Now that they are grown I have not let anything in my way of traveling and do it as much as possible

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