RoadBlocks Faced By Rookie Bloggers

RoadBlocks Faced By Rookie Bloggers

Blogging is catching up in India at a quick pace but can it be considered as a career option yet?…..Even if you do the ‘society’ won’t. As per the Indian society, a stable job, a good financial background, getting married ON TIME….(yeah ON TIME or else you are doomed) are the pillars of leading a ‘happy’ life. Everything else takes a backseat. People who fulfill all these criteria are painted as role models for the upcoming generation. Girls have to be perfect with their Round Rotis and Guys have to be the breadwinners of the family. As a result, many end up being part time bloggers trying to balance it out with their day jobs. In fact anything that involves online work is considered as part time jobs. This brings me to the issues faced by bloggers in India. Most of them are roadblocks faced by rookie bloggers worldwide but some of them maybe applicable only for Indian bloggers. Below are a few them and how to jump over them.


Convincing Indian Parents:

Indian Parents have the ability to be adorable and annoying at the same time. For them, Travelling is the same as holidaying – the picnic stuff we used to do when we were kids. They have no idea how much the idea of travelling has evolved. They would do all kinds of emotional drama to stop you from travelling as their concern is mainly revolving around career, money and societal status.


The best way to convince them is to take short solo trips without telling them. And then show them what you are capable of and that you are old enough to face the world on your own. Explain how you planned your trip and grow them into your idea and claim your independence.


After that you can let them know the plans for your future tips. Promise to keep in touch with them through calls or messages but also ask them to stop panicking and call you every 5 mins. At the same time you don’t have to tell all the stuff happening around you especially if you are stuck in an unknown place. That will only make them panic and feed your fear as well. In those situations, it is all up-to you and your parents can’t help you in anyway. So keep such incidents with yourself and keep calm and follow your gut.


Dealing with Societal Stigma:


Explaining blogging to people is a real pain in the a**. You could say that you write on Internet. But then the next question would be ‘How much money do you make?’ ‘Is that a job?’. As a rookie, blogging won’t get you money as soon as you start. And in India, if you don’t have enough money you don’t get married, you can’t buy a car and you won’t get the chance to change the diapers of your kids… sad. Doctors and Engineers are considered as the rising and shining Indian future. Well even I am an Engineer and all I can see is my life getting sucked into a Black Hole. How can I blame the society, when the Indian Education system is limiting knowledge to text books rather than practical application. A professional blogger earns 1-10 lakhs/month in India, something which the society is not aware of. Of course, you can never be an overnight success with blogging. It takes years of practice and rejections but eventually you reach there.



To Remain motivated:


Many bloggers out there start off hoping to make big money from their blogs. They work hard, keep posting content consistently and try out new things to increase traffic to the blog. But after 6-10 months they hit the wall. Traffic remains the same or it starts going down. This is one the big issues you face when you are a rookie blogger. You are just stuck. These are in fact the issues faced by all bloggers out there. And we know only the ones who never quit. It is all about doing what you like and stop worrying about the money. Keep writing, revising, sharing, submitting and learn from the rejections. Someday your work will get recognized.


Getting Content Ideas:


When you start off a blog, you may have a lot off ideas to write about depending on the type of blog you are running. But with time your daily posts go down to 2-3 posts a week. In my case, maintaining a Travel Blog can be a bit expensive as you need to travel to write about it and as a rookie all these travels need to be self funded. When I travel I write about the places and food and people. When I don’t travel, I write about travel tips, on how to plan and save for the next trip. Content is everywhere. You just need an eye for it. Do some research, read books, watch movies related to your blog topic, you can get a reference for your next post from them. As I am an Indian, I can write a lot about my own country which can attract backpackers from foreign lands. But you need to be authentic and write what you actually feel, your voice is your brand.


Somewhere down the line, who knows where your blog might take you. It is all about enjoying the ride and hope for the best.

19 thoughts on “RoadBlocks Faced By Rookie Bloggers

  1. Some really interesting points. Although we were always encouraged to travel ever since we were slow, I did take a few solo trips without telling my parents. I think that’s a right of passage for every teenager. And yes, nor is blogging everyone’s cup of tea and neither is trying to explain it to the general public.

  2. You hit the nail on the head. There’s still quite a bit of stigma about being a blogger even in the US. So many people don’t understand the concept and how it can be a lucrative and fulfilling career.

  3. Interesting points. I’ve dealt with some of them, but not all. Explaining what it is that I do has always been a bit difficult, as I’ve not had a very conventional job for a long time 🙂

  4. Good tips. There are a lot of different reasons people have blogs. Some are more like diaries, some are mostly for fun or a hobby and some use it as a way to launch or support a business. My advice would be to first decide what you want to achieve then structure your blog that way.

  5. There is a stigma about being a blogger all over the world – not just in India! But you’re right, you just have to keep at it, and if you work hard (and have a little bit of luck!) you’ll get there in the end.

  6. If you stick with it you will succeed. I’m curious to know if there are any big travel bloggers in India that do this professionally. Or big Instagrammers. Is there a list somewhere of Indian influencers?

    1. Yes there are. But many of them are ones who get fed up of their corporate jobs and then started traveling. One of them is The Shooting Star by Kavya Nath. Her blog inspired me a lot.

  7. These are all pertinent points you have raised. I do not think, the industry has matured enough to look to travel blogging as a full-time career option. It can be a passion which could turn out to be lucrative after getting stabilised.

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