How to Save up for a Trip

How to Save up for a Trip

Traveling is an investment we are putting on ourselves for life. An investment that makes us ‘richer’ in experiences…and it does require some saving up and sacrifices. How about saving up all that money we spend daily on useless things and put them into that Travel Fund. How about ditching that night out, the ugly hangover that you don’t need, the bike or car that always cries for fuel and maintenance. Once you let go off all those materialistic attachments, you will start seeing the difference your bank account makes. How to Save up for a Trip is the one of the roadblocks every wannabe traveler faces. Lets see a few tips that we can follow to take that dream trip we always had.

Ditch Online Shopping:

In the fast paced digital world, online shopping came as a boon for many. Now with shopping at your fingertips via phone apps, a few clicks is all it takes for your bank balance to disappear. Uninstall all the such apps straightway. Myself being a shopaholic, the urge to travel has introduced me to my thrifty side. I have learnt to buy only the things that are really needed.


Cut Down on Social Spending:

Learn to say NO to those night outs. Those weekends can really put a dent on your savings plan. If you do  feel like missing out on your friends, arrange meetups at home. It will be less expensive. Let them know your travel plans. Maybe you could become their motivation to travel.

Ditch Brands:

Branded stuff are really expensive and not all of them promise quality. Do not get fooled by those fancy logos and markings. If you can find the same quality minus the brand logo for 5 bucks lesser, that could really make a difference. Time to change your shopping mentality.

How to Save up for a Trip

Time to start Cooking:

Cook for yourself. Experiment, try out new recipes to make your cooking more fun. Eating out is always expensive. Ditch those fancy restaurants for homely food. Bye Bye Starbucks…

Get Rid of Cable TV:

In this era of high speed Wi-Fi, cable TV is just another unnecessary luxury which can be easily ditched. You can watch everything online for free. Do not cut down on your Internet plan though. If you can, well go ahead but I cant and so I wont add it here. There is nothing more annoying than a low speed internet.

Save all those Coupons and Credit Card Points:

Redeem all those credit card points from your previous transactions and use those coupons and cut down your expenses further.


Stop Drinking and Quit Smoking:

Why? This…..



Now follow these steps and watch your Travel Fund grow. Will update the post if I come across on anymore tips on how to save up for a trip.

20 thoughts on “How to Save up for a Trip

  1. Yep, I completely agree on all of these tips. Not drinking, not shopping and cooking my own food are some of the biggest ways I save money. People always think their must be a magic trick but it really is that simple. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well said, now I wish I could get my kids to start saving. We like to say we left the kids at home and we ran away to travel. People ask us all the time how we do it where does the money come from and we would tell them all the stuff you mentioned in your article. Now I have to go light a fire under my sons and get them off their asses and travelling.

  3. I totally agree ditching brands can help save big bucks (first hand experience) 😀
    I am a big time spender and most of my money goes into buying designer stuff but anything for the love of traveling. I am trying hard to cut down my expenses as far as saving for travel goes.

  4. It all boils down to what’s important to you in life. If you really want to travel then you’ll find a way. And giving up all those things will not be very difficult at all.

  5. Traveling involving a lot of financial sacrifices and when people assume that we must be super rich cause we afford to do it, they are so wrong. I always cook at home, don’t drink take away coffee or buy new clothes each season. I also prefer to drink at home, as the price of a bottle of wine in the supermarket is the same as a small glass in a pub.

  6. I totally agree with all of those tips regarding saving for travelling. I’ve been onto this path for the last six months, and for a shopaholic like I, it’s so damn hard! You have to be very careful. Even tho I don’t drink and smoke (goop point for my bank account!) there’s still the shopping side of me who’s thirsty all the time since I’m a blogger also! I really like this article, it’s funny and fun to read, and I obviously love all of your tips!

  7. Practical tips for most aspects of life. Another thing that works for me is to sell off all the unwanted stuff. It adds some to the travel fund

  8. These are great tips, but they are so often easier said than done! Now I have managed to see my travel plans as a priority I can save money on the less important things, although I still love a good night out once in a while 😉

  9. If you are in love with travel, I am sure we all will go that extra mile and take the trouble to make some sacrifices to fund the travels. Your tips are all practical and sensible. No doubt all the efforts put in to enhance the travel budget would sure be worth it.

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