Solo Trip to Thailand – The Prologue

Solo Trip to Thailand – The Prologue

My second Solo Trip. My first overseas Solo Trip. Being a travel blogger, a solo trip to Thailand was always on the cards. It was bound to happen someday or the other. Thailand is a haven for solo backpackers and this is a place where everyone starts or ends their backpacking trip through South East Asia. Well I got only 1 week off from work, so I knew that exploring SE Asia was not gonna happen this time. So my destinations where fixed on Krabi and Bangkok. My trip just covered only a fraction of Thailand I wanted to see with a lot more pending on my list. I am not done with Thailand. The North still eludes me. I will be back for more.

I started this solo trip with a bunch of What-Ifs and ended up with a truckload of experiences and memories to live by until my next trip. From reaching the gates on the Final Call for my flight, my first kayaking experience which almost went horribly wrong, exploring isolated islands and beaches, cycling through the jungle trail solo, making friends with some awesome people and having the best night outs in Bangkok…..this 1 week has given me some real motivation and confidence to travel and explore more. It has kicked away many of my negative “What-Ifs” and replaced it with something positive. What if I hadn’t taken this trip? What if I had not taken the leap into the unknown? Would I ever have come across the beautiful village in Krabi? Would I have ever met those awesome travelers in Bangkok? Nothing would have changed for me if I had not taken this trip. My life would have went on as usual. But now it just got a little better. It has given me something to look forward to in life. I have already charted out the places I want to visit in the future. It is not easy but what the hell….I just went solo in Thailand and surprised the shit out of myself. Being an introvert, this is one of my biggest achievements till date and Am all in now.

Talking about Thailand, I got no words to describe the stark contrast between the two places I visited. I stayed in a village in Krabi down south, a laid back place where you wake up to the chirping of birds and open your eyes to the limestone cliffs lining the sea. I stayed there for a few days enjoying the food and the view from the pier. Not to forget the kayaking and cycling. And a 1 hour flight later I was right in the middle of the chaos in Bangkok. For a moment I felt like I was back in India. But the friendly taxi driver and his Thai songs brought me back to my senses. I missed Krabi as soon as I landed in Bangkok, but the city felt like home when I was around the right people. I had some great night outs with my hostel roommates. The faces changed as some of them left and new ones came in but the friendliness stayed the same. I have so much to write about my experience in Krabi and Bangkok. This post is just a prologue for my upcoming posts.

There are a lot of things going on in my head right now. My moments on the kayak and the late night tuk tuk races and the faces of the people I met keeps whizzing past me as I prepare myself to get on with my usual life. There is a lot I want to write but my head doesn’t seem to fix on one particular thing. Is that what you call the travel hangover? Yes it is it seems and it is a real thing. I just Googled it out and they got some cures for that as well. I need to take a look at that. I know what it feels like getting up and going to work when you just came back from a fabulous trip which seems like a distant dream now.

I have stayed away from my blog for more than a week now and I am writing this just hours after I landed back in India. It feels like I am just typing down whatever comes to my mind right now and this post will not make any sense of what all I did in Thailand. I will keep you guys posted about my trip in detail in my upcoming posts.

And did I mention that I ate a scorpion at the Khao San Road. Yes…a black fat F-ing scorpion. Will keep you posted on that……

76 thoughts on “Solo Trip to Thailand – The Prologue

  1. I think the reason why solo travel is getting so much attention is that gives you more space and time to absorb what you see, without the distraction of other factors like company of people. Enjoy!

  2. Thailand is a great place to backpack around, though personally I am not a big fan of Bangkok. I haven’t been to Krabi, but have stayed very near and despite the amount of tourists it is still a beautiful area. I had an amazing trip in South East Asia and I look forward to hearing more about your trip 🙂

    1. Even I was put off by Bangkok at first but I met some great people to hang out with. But I doubt if I will stay in Bangkok on my next trip to Thailand.

  3. While I have travelled solo around Europe a lot over the last few years, Thailand was the first place I went to solo in Asia and it’s a great country for solo travel. Like you I really liked Krabi

  4. Great post, it really captures just how diverse Thailand can be especially the way you have wrote the post! We are yet to visit Krabi but the little village where you stayed sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing

  5. The solo traveling is an amazing experience for me. I think that if you haven’t try it, you would never know what is it like. Getting out of your comfort zone is absolutely mandatory for me, and congratulations to do so. I’m very interested in learning what was your experience in eating a scorpion. 🙂

  6. SOmetimes I love to do solo traveling, I get to do things at my own pace and not to worry about others. I still take things in when I am with people but sometimes like the pleasure of my own company.

  7. I (Mr W) have never really travelled solo. It must be good to have the flexibility to do exactly what you want and when you want, including eating scorpions and tuk tuk racing.

  8. I’ve never really travelled solo and have a lot of respect for those who do! Looking forward to reading your updates on your trip to Thailand – especially about eating that scorpion!!

  9. I have heard a lot about the wonders a solo trip can have on your. This trip of yours feels the same. You explored Thailand to it’s best capacity. I wish to follow your footsteps now and bring home a bag full of memories to feast upon.

  10. Lovely post and so different from the usual ones. Always enjoy when I get to read the personal thoughts of the writer and not just about the place. Also like how the two places you chose were so different giving you complete picture of the country. As for the Scorpion… kudos because I would never be able to do that.

  11. Congratulations, what an achievement! I can’t wait to hear about your scorpion eating and tuk-tuk racing! I’m heading there later this year and am looking forward cohering about the contrasts between Krabi and Bangkok!

  12. So glad that you enjoyed your solo trip to Thailand, and that you surprised yourself! I find that solo travel can actually be really enjoying for us introverts, and it’s a great way to come a little bit out of our shell 🙂

  13. I haven’t been to Thailand yet, but it is high on our list as I am thinking about having some dental work done in Bangkok. I enjoyed your description of the contrast between it and the other city you visited. I think I would like them both, but for different reasons.

  14. I always go to Thailand for business or vacation (maybe just for a long weekend) so if I ever travel to Thailand solo I would do a LOT of shopping and massages and eating around. Thailand is a great place to travel all year round to unwind and relax!

  15. The city life and village life contrasts are pretty wide. but shows how lifestyle and existence are different. Keep documenting your experience. It might not make sense now. But it will eventually when you synthesise it.

  16. Eek–a scorpion–I think I’d pass on that, lol! Sounds like a fantastic trip though! I’ve been wanting to visit Thailand for such a long time, but we keep pushing it out until we have a longer stretch of time to visit. I’ve been thinking we should just go for a week or two though and know that we can go back again sometime–definitely better than nothing, right?!

        1. I am planning for another country in a couple of months. Anyway North Thailand is still left for me. I will go back again, maybe next year.

  17. Why did you choose Thailand not any other country? I get that it is very popular with travellers because it’s so cheap!
    Where are you going after Thailand?

  18. You are right, I hear of Thailand as being a mecca for solo travelers, backpackers and bloggers. I would love to go just because we haven’t been to that part of the world yet and to experience the food as well. Uh a black scorpion… no thanks! But I hear the other food is amazing!

  19. This certainly looks like an interesting trip Gokul! I am sure your stories from Krabi and Bangkok are going to be fascinating, I am especially keen to read more on the latter. I think the city is going to be my pick whenever I visit Thailand…

  20. Sounds like you had a great time in Thailand. It was so smart to pick a couple great places rather than trying to see everything in a week. Cant wait to hear more about you adventures there.

  21. “I just went solo in Thailand and surprised the shit out of myself.”

    I absolutely love this, I’m heading to SE Asia in June this year, and hope to adopt a similar outlook! 😉

    Have you got anything else up about your kayaking? Sounds like a blast.

    Take Care!

  22. There is something mind expanding, and life altering, about travel… it happens whether you travel alone or with a companion, but it comes with being a fish out of water, of seeing other places, other people, other cultures, other ways of navigating these lives of ours. You must feel so proud of having made that leap to go solo, it’s scary but exciting too, I remember from my solo travel days!

  23. I have not yet traveled solo or traveled to Thailand, but I loved hearing the story of your adventure there. The squid fried rice looked pretty amazing but I don’t think I would want scorpions, but you never know right. 😀

  24. I’ve never traveled solo…always had a child or husband or parent in tow. But I can imagine that it might be somewhat liberating, too. Good for you for making it happen. I would have passed on eating the scorpion, however!

  25. sometimes it takes a lot of courage to do a solo trip but once you do it, it’s life changing. You did quite a lot f things in only one week. Looking forward to reading your adventures in Thailand!

  26. First of all, love the pictures! I do solo travel and it is difficult jumping back into normalcy after days of constant adventures and new experiences. I find myself glazing off in the middle of work day dreaming about some epic experience while trying to focus on the excel spreadsheet in front of me. I never really get over my post travel feelings…I don’t think I ever want to. It’s like that happy zone my mind can escape to when normalcy becomes overwhelming and my feet get itchy. It does interfere with penning down my thoughts because in that time my mind is in a swirl of hyperactivity and time is flying by and it becomes more difficult the evoke the right emotion when penning down my thoughts. Ah well…I will google this hangover treatment too. Maybe that would help me pen down some of my more recent travels too.

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