Turning 25 in Goa !!!

Turning 25 in Goa !!!

When I decided to be in Goa for my birthday, I had a lot of insecurities regarding my First Solo Trip. Would I be alone on my Birthday? Will I make any friends with strangers? If I don’t make any friends, will I enjoy my Birthday alone? As an Introvert, bonding with strangers and becoming friends with them was an alien concept for me. Well, I took the leap of faith which turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever taken till date. Thanks to a bunch of strangers whom I met in my hostel, who made sure that my birthday turns out to be one of the best memories I have ever made.

One thing I really regret is that I dint click a single pic with anyone in that group, thanks to my dead phone (DeepakI will be stealing one of your timeline pics for this post). Unfortunately, I realized that only when I left the hostel early on my last day, when I was walking out and refreshing my memories of the days spent in Goa. But I will never forget the night. It was short but it was not the kind of night that I expected while coming to Goa.

My first Solo Trip was not an epic one like straight out of the movies, but was the most important one for me. It has given me the confidence to take more Solo Trips in the future, because now I know that there are always wonderful travelers out there whom I am yet to meet.

Maybe this is what I want to do – to travel….a part of me to see new places, a part of me to meet new faces.

*Planning my next trip*

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  1. Goa is really a perfect setting to celebrate a Birthday. Especially if you are celebrating it with friends, the spirit of Goa will take the celebrations to an altogether different level indeed.

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