Ways to Make Money while Traveling

Ways to Make Money while Traveling

I had written a post on How to Save up for your travel fund some time back. Following those tips can help you to start off as a traveler but what if you run out of money while you are on the road? Or if you make an impulsive decision to go on hike which was not part of your schedule and you see that you don’t have enough money to go through with it? You can always find yourself in such cash crunch situations while you are traveling.

However there are many ways to make money while traveling. The below mentioned methods are tried and tested successfully by many travelers around the world. If you are new to traveling then you may want to keep the below tips in mind.



There are many websites out there where you can find freelance jobs based on your skill set. Fiverr.com and Upwork.com are such websites where you can find a wide variety of freelance jobs. There are millions of jobs posted every day and you can easily find something that suits you. I am basically hunting writing jobs all the time.


Travel Blogging:

This is one way to make money off your experiences, though not an easy one for sure. It takes a lot of time and effort to really make an income from your blog. But if you start today then it could be a useful source of income down the road. Affiliate links and Ads can generate a steady flow of cash as your blog grows. It also serves as a portfolio when you are trying to work with travel brands and companies.


Internet Casino Games

Playing internet casino games online from anywhere in the world? That does sound too good to be true. All you need is a laptop and reliable internet. But like anything else, it requires lots of hard work to make things work. If you are smart, get the game psychology right and really take the time to master it, then you should really try your hand on this one. Also make sure that you do not gamble away all your money and keep a portion aside for poker.



I am still exploring this option but if you have a good eye for photos, you can go for this. You can post your photos for sale in various websites. You can also approach travel magazines who keep a collection of stock photos.


Teach a language:

Teaching English is probably the easiest thing any native English speaker could do in a foreign country. The demand for English speakers is quite high in Asian countries. Also there is a great demand for German and Spanish speakers as well. This is a good way to maintain your travel lifestyle as you are not required to work full time. Depending on the country you’ll be teaching in and the program you choose, you might receive a TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA certificate which is a certification you need to have before you can begin your teaching career overseas.


Travel Videos

Post your videos on Youtube, grow your following and monetize your videos. Try your hand at Vlogging which is the best way to grow a following on Youtube. Take part in contests. GoPro competitions give away a good amount every year in prize money to winners. Such competitions also provide you a stage to promote yourself so that you can reach more brands and companies. Create Video Ads and Brochures for Local Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions and get paid.


Work At Backpacker Hostels

Backpacker hostels are the go-to place for anyone who is traveling on a budget. And the best part of staying at a hostel is that you can always negotiate some deal with the hostel owner to give you a bed in exchange for your services like cooking or managing the reception. That is a good way to save some cash on accommodation. And there are a few hostels that will pay you if you are planning to stay long term, which is an added bonus.



Use your best talents to make some money from tourists. Pick up an instrument and drop a hat at the busiest spot in the city. There are a few cities which demand permits for busking. Always do your research beforehand. Acrobatics, painting, music, break dancing, henna art, it could be anything. Time to show off those talents and make some money.


Virtual Assistant

If you are someone with good administrative and organizational skills, then you should probably try this option out. It may be difficult to get your first client, but you can start small at a lower rate and climb your way up. If you are really good at what you do then you will be approached by many simply by word of mouth. This is a job which can be done remotely and that is an added advantage for full time travelers.


In fact, the options to make money while traveling are infinite. At the end, it all comes down to how creative you are. So get out of your comfort zone, switch ON the Survival Mode and let the creativity flow.


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72 thoughts on “Ways to Make Money while Traveling

  1. This whole VA thing is getting pretty popular! I’ve encountered several such (alternate) career folks on my travels, and obviously there are pros and cons to each. Great list, thanks for sharing!

  2. Some great ideas here! We are full time travelers and still trying to figure it out. We have a travel blog and YouTube channel, but, like you said, it takes a lot to make any money from them. Maybe we will get the kids out busking! 😉

  3. Great idea. When we started travel blogging I was just blown exploring and finding there are so many different ways to make money while you are on the move. Although not reached there yet, hope to , soon

  4. Some really good tips there. I personally won’t do the casino games but know if people who’ve made some money and even found love while playing these. The freelance work and photography options are great and so is teaching English and working at Hostels.

  5. Fantastic ideas for someone who wants to earn some money while travelling. I like teaching the most, but unfortunately, I’m not a native speaker! 😀

  6. We have heard about VAs and working in the hostel when traveling helps a great deal. We too have much to explore in this field of selling pictures and videos but for sure it is a great option to monetize travels.

    1. Online casino is not a conventional way to make money but if you do a research on that you will find many travelers who have made some good bucks with that.

  7. Good list! I would add the stock market thing? Also possible from everywhere (with the condition of having internet and be able to receive sms) but you must be very good . .

  8. Luckily I am not away long enough to have to earn an income while I travel. I can only imagine what the locals would think if I had to resort to busking given I have zero talent lol. Some good ideas here and I know plenty of people who have worked in backpackers to get by.

  9. Great tips Gokul, I agree. Photography seems to be an interesting option, even though I assume it is also not that easy at least to start the business. Takes a long breath like nearly everything that should turn out good and successful one day 🙂

  10. When we traveled across the USA a few years ago, my 12 year old sun tried his hand at busking in a few cities. He played the violin and juggled, probably making $50 or so each time he tried it. Being a kid certainly helped!

  11. Great tips on how to make money while traveling! I definitely would like to look into doing more freelance work or figuring out how to bring in more income travel blogging.

  12. Not necessarily easy money…

    Some places you go, say to Ayers Rock, if you spend more than a couple of days there you’ll generally be offered a job.

  13. You’re right about all the ways to make money online and how you can even come up with more if you are creative enough! Working at a hostel sounds fun! I know many people who do a variety of these all at one time, like teach English while getting their blog going and doing freelance stuff on the side…it can be a lot of work but so rewarding if you love travel and the freedom!

  14. These are cool tips. I remember when my hubby and I were talking about this before entering this blogging world. We’re seeing that he can be an ESL teacher and I can have a freelance job or VA. Hope our plans will work for the future. Thanks for your tips here. 🙂

  15. Hi Gokul,
    Thanks for this post. I sure many people will find this very useful as a first inspiration as to where to begin life as a nomad.

    Happy continued travels,

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