Where and What to eat in Jakarta

Where and What to eat in Jakarta

Like any other SE Asian city, Jakarta has its own repository of tasty offerings. After trying the best of street food in Bangkok I did look for similar outlets in Jakarta, but to be frank I would not recommend trying out the food from street stalls here as the hygiene standards are worse than in Bangkok. To save myself from the Traveler’s tummy, I went on to explore the pricey options in Jakarta and glad that I found few restaurants that were providing the kind of food I was looking for. With an endless growth of European influenced restaurants, it is hard to find places where you can try out the authentic Indonesian cuisine but in the 3 days I was here I have managed to try out a fraction of what the city has to offer.

Lara Djonggrang

Set in a traditional Indonesian building, this restaurant offers a lot more than just food. The antique furniture, the soothing fragrance and the vintage decor totally adds upto the ambiance.

I finally got my hands on one of the many Nasi Gorengs I was gonna eat in Indonesia. Though it was a bit on the spicy side, being an Indian helped me cope up with that. Nasi Gorengs come in a whole lot of varieties. I have not taken the pictures of all as I busy gobbling them up and it takes time to strike that I have a travel blog. The one in the  picture is the Chicken Nasi Goreng. There are fish and beef ones as well that I tried in Bali which I really loved. And don’t forget to add Chicken Satay as a side dish.

Dapur Babah Elite

This restaurant has a collection of traditional artifacts and paintings adorning the walls. We were also lucky to get the whole place for ourselves for some photo-op. This place has a similar ambiance as Lara Djonggrang but a bit more modernized with the red-black themed decor.

Well the food was magnificent as usual. Try the Nasik Ajam Bekem – a specialty from Jombang in East province Java, half chicken in marinated coconut milk served with rice and grated vegetables decorated with spices. Also do not forget to try out one of their signature desserts, Pisang Rebus – Boiled sweet bananas filled with grated coconut in Palm Sugar.

Cafe Batavia

This place has to be mentioned even though it is not pure Indonesian as this place is a must visit if you happen to stay in Jakarta. Visit this restaurant if you want to travel back in time. This is one of the most popular restaurants in Jakarta. Set in a 200 year old Dutch building, the classic 19th century decor and the music will transport you to a completely different world. I did not try any food here as my roommates were happy with a couple of beers  but I have captured enough pictures of the place to give you the feeling of how magical this place really is.

There are many more similar restaurants in Jakarta that can treat you to their signature dishes. At the same time there are places where I have tried dishes that were a fusion of Indonesian and European flavors which I have not included in this post as those are not the kind of food I was after. As I have tried the Indonesian cuisine in parts of Bali as well, I can clearly say that if you are planning to try the authentic local cuisine, then Jakarta can provide you that.

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  1. The top spot looks like the perfect place to enjoy a fine Indonesian lunch Gokul. I had a few awesome meals at similar places in Bali. Same feel, inviting, with the water about. Something about Indonesian design that I just love.

  2. What beautiful dining settings! Love all the bright colors. The food all looks delicious as well and I would love to be able to see these things in person someday!

  3. Love that you shared both yummy looking food AND the atmosphere of these restaurants because I actually pick places based on the later. Someday I hope to see Jakarta as I’ve only been to Bali

  4. Love the architecture of the old Dutch building and that chicken satay does look amazing and full of flavour. Not like some of the questionable, tasteless satay you get in some restaurants.

  5. All of this food looks amazing. I would love to visit Jakarta some day and try these for myself. These are great photos.

  6. I like your choices of restaurants. They all seem like they serve authentic good food and also the ambience and design is good. Will definitely try them all if I go.

  7. All the dishes are so colourful, love the photos! I wasn’t sure what the food would be like in Indonesia, but now I have an idea. I find a lot of the dish in Thailand too hot!

  8. Looks like you had some great food experiences, I’m not a big fan of street food either, so would prefer restaurants too. Lara Djonggrang sounds great – the Banana fritters look delish, and the mini boat is an awesome concept!

  9. I don’t know which one will be my favorite because they all looks delicious and mouth watery. Ah it is amazing how they presented all these food in a artistic and local ways.

  10. Thanks for the info and that’s very nice. I have some recommendations about the eating in Indonesia, too! One thing I would add is to try the
    roof top bars and restaurants in the city center!

  11. This kind of food is so unfamiliar to me 🙂 It looks tasty. Don’t know if I’ll ever be in Indonesia, but will surely try their national dishes. You can’t fully understand a country without trying its food 🙂

  12. I am going to Indonesia soon and to be honest I wasn’t wondering yet what to eat over there. I am expecting something similar what I had in Thailand. You can’t really find Indonesian restaurants in Europe so its hard to tell. I am not going to Jakarta on this trip unfortunately but everything looks so delicious on your photos! I love the decor in those restaurants!

  13. Am an Asian and I am very excited to try different foods prepared by neighbouring countries. And Jakarta’s foods are one of the finest in Southeast Asia 🙂

  14. I have not been to Jakarta and your post took me right back there. Oh my all these food options look so yummy. I especially like the chicken satay option at Lara Djonggran

  15. The food is simply amazing in Jakarta but for me it is difficult to love that city. It’s really busy and hectic and thanks to such restaurants you get to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some delicious food. Great post, love the pictures!

  16. I am not so familiar about Indonesian dishes, I tried chicken satay but because of the nightmare I experienced with chicken satay (food intolerance) I never tried it again. The dishes look good and delicious though, especially the pisang rebus, i think that dish has a counterpart in our native delicacies.

  17. Are you kidding me with the decor at the first restaurant??? Wow incredible place. The banana fritters look nice. All of the food at the second restaurant looks amazing. Jakarta has some good options it sounds like.

  18. I have been to Jakarta so many times, but I have never visited any of the places you mentioned here. I guess I was going to the wrong places 😀 I will definitely check them out on my next visit!

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