Whistler, BC – Much more than just a Ski Destination

Whistler, BC – Much more than just a Ski Destination

Canada, the land of untouched wilderness and dynamic cities, is the second largest country in the world. With a sparse population of just 37 mil spread out over the massive landscape, it is easy to get out there and be alone with nature. Be it the massive spikes of the Rockies or the glittering lakes of Ontario, there is something alluring about this huge country. I had previously included Canada in my list of countries for Introverts. Canada is the perfect destination for anyone who loves solitude and also for anyone who loves skiing. When we say skiing there is just one place that comes to mind – Whistler, one of the greatest ski areas in the world and the biggest in North America.

Located in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Whistler is Canada’s year round destination for adventure sports. While it turns into a ski town during winters, it is a hotspot for mountain biking during the summer. But not all of the 2 mil who visit Whistler annually, are drawn towards the adventure sports. This ski town offers a wide array of lodging, a vibrant night life, a great shopping area and tons of alternative activities. For those who are not sure where to stay, do not forget to check out the Whistler Cabin Rentals which suits every budget.

Walk along the Whistler Snow Walls. Once the summer kicks in the leftover snow is used to carve these walls along the trail to the Peak of Whistler Mountain. Even though they do not last long, they do become a spot for Instagram worthy pictures. The walls are also known to reach a height of 30 feet depending on the amount of snowfall. This 4.3 mile hike is not a steep one and can be completed in 60-90 mins and with the snow walls by your side, it turns out to be one astonishing trail to try out.

Check Out the Graffitis at the Train Wreck Spot. Several abandoned box cars were left at this spot from a train crash which happened sometime around the 1950s. The graffiti artists have made this place look colorful with their artwork. This spot also serves as a biking trail which offers scenic views. A newly constructed pedestrian suspension bridge connects the spot to other popular hiking areas in the locality.

Participate in Axe Throwing. In some countries people throw darts, but in Canada they up the game a bit by replacing darts with axes. Yes, you heard that right. You throw axes at the wooden boards. Visit the Forged Axe Throwing, a venue located at the Whistler’s Function Junction area, for a session of badass axe throwing and drink some of the popular microbrews Whistler has to offer.

Enjoy the Peak 2 Peak Gondola ride. A 15 min ride across the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, offers you one of the spectacular views of the valley. It is used to transport skiers and casual sightseers across the peaks. Catch the amazing 360-deg view of the stunning landscape while soaring over 1000ft in the air.

Immerse yourself in the Art and Culture scene. With its own repository of cultural and arts institutions, Whistlers portrays its vibrant culture year round with engaging workshops and exhibitions. Those who are visiting in December can also catch the Whistler Film Festival which takes place in the first week of the month. Museums like Audain Art Museum and the Whistler Museum house the past and present of this town. Discover the stories and milestones of this place through similar institutions spread across the beautiful landscape.

Experience the night life. As the adventure dies down as the sun sets, the night life springs up. With a number of pubs with its unique vibe, this resort town boasts of a vibrant night life. From cozy pubs to socialize and nightclubs to party the night away, this place has it all.

Zipline across the vast landscape. Home to the longest zipline in Canada and USA, this place offers the exhilarating experience of zip lining for 2km over spectacular landscapes.

Explore the wildlife. The forests are home to black bears, cougars, marmots, deer, otters etc. Bear sightings are quite common along the hiking trails. Whistler also falls in the migratory path for many species of birds esp Humming Birds and Bald Eagles. Let us not forget the whistling marmots that populate the forests, which gave the name ‘Whistler’ to this place.


Whistler continues to be one of the most sought out destinations for skiing and snowboarding. But the above mentioned activities pull visitors who are looking for more than just adventure sports. Connected to Vancouver by the Highway 99, getting to Whistler is pretty easy via cars and buses.

Since the ‘winter’ is really coming this time around :), where are you guys headed?


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57 thoughts on “Whistler, BC – Much more than just a Ski Destination

  1. I have been to Vancouver but not to Whistler. I really want to go back to the area (actually, yesterday, my husband told me he wants to go back). Love all the natural landscapes in there. And, yes, I want to do some ax throwing! #feetdotravel

  2. My fiance loves mountain biking and I love hiking, so Whistler is pretty high on our list of places to visit soon! I’ve heard it’s such a beautiful place!

  3. Looks super cool (no pun intended). I’ve been thinking of hitting up Whistler next summer and will for sure look to your advice. So nice that there are so many multiseason options.

  4. I have actually heard about this place from a vlogger I like on YouTube. I would love to see the train and explore the area around it. The walkway through the snow is awesome. The zipline is so cool, but scary I bet!

  5. We love Canada! Haven’t yet made it to Whistler but it’s at the top of my list – I really love visiting popular snow / ski destinations but in the summer – we love hiking, wildlife and the outdoors (though not so keen on the cold) and once the snow melts you’re always left with the most stunning of landscapes.

    Canada’s wildlife is incredible, and we would love to spot a bear or two. Between that and hiking, adventure like ziplining, we’re set! Hadn’t heard of axe throwing before – sounds kind of fun! But I had heard of the train wreck spot and I would love to go to get some cool photography. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Such beautiful nature! It’s not that easy to chose what to do when the country is so big and offers so much. But I do like what you’ve outlined here, and I have to say that the zipline caught my eye immediately. It would be great to do it above such an amazing landscape! 😀

  7. The snow wall hike would be high on my list Gokul. Because I love a good cardio session and what better way to see Whistler than through this unique experience? Few places on earth get that much snow and have the machinery present to craft epic snow walls. Love it 🙂

  8. I’ve heard great things about the skiing in Whistler, but I never realized that there’s so much else to do like axe throwing and an annual film festival. I hope to visit one day and experience Whistler in person – it looks awesome.

  9. I don’t ski so it is great to know that Whistler offers so much more fun than skiing! I’d love to try the zipline! That seems like a thrilling thing to do!

  10. I’ve never been to Canada but for me every activity there means something related with cold. The scenery seems incredible beautiful but i wonder how cold could it be when you’re going with speed on the zipline?

  11. Thanks for the post because I did think BC is only a ski destination. It looks like the area is a great place for lots of outdoor activities! I hope to visit there soon enough! @ knycx.journeying

  12. such a beautiful, beautiful place. I keep telling my husband to get a job in Canada 😀 – the outdoor life there really appeals to me. beautiful pics.. oh and the axe throwing, now that is cool!!

  13. Awesome post! I’ve been to Whistler a few times but just for skiing and now wish that I had made the most of all these other things, especially bear sightings!!! Will have to visit again one day 🙂

  14. You know, I kinda just assumed that Whistler is mainly a skiing destination and that there isn’t really much to do apart from hitting the slopes. So this post is great because you’ve shown that there is so much more to it! Love the idea of hiking and spotting wildlife and definitely something I would love to do one day!

  15. I think Canada is a paradise for nature lovers. It’s such a beautiful country with so much to offer. And yes, I think it’s a perfect place for introverts, too. Now Whistler is another place to include on the list!

  16. I’ve tried dart throwing severally but axe? No, and I would love to try it. There are so many things to do and explore in Canada and thanks to your list, I dont see myself bored at any point.

  17. You have got a good list here with plenty of things to do. The Train Wreck Spot looks very interesting and I’m always fascinated by these type of things. Axe throwing looks cool too.

  18. I SO wanted to take the mountain train to Whistler when I was in Vancouver (summer!) it holds so much beauty even when its not ski season-you are right!

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