Mumbai : The City that never sleeps

Mumbai : The City that never sleeps

Life in Mumbai is fast, no wonder it is India’s largest city.. Days whiz past your eyes even before you realize. Mumbaikars never seem to get tired of it; the fast pace is what makes them feel the rush in their veins and their trains! But how does a person coming from a sleepy city cope up with the madness? The metamorphism is slow but worth every sweat and stressful day. You slowly start to realize the true pleasure of the moments of peace you get. Explore Mumbai as a traveller and you will find the pockets of peace hidden in the city that never sleeps.


Breath in the Sea Breeze

Everyone loves Mumbai with the sea view! Marine drive, Bandra Bandstand, Worli Sea Link; these are rightly named as the jewels of Mumbai. A quiet time spent sitting near the sea can relax you in a million different ways. The traffic seems to fade away, the honks are replaced by the waves crashing on the rocks, and your eyes get accustomed to the beautiful shimmering blue. Watch the sun rise at Marine drive and take a long walk, grab a tea and enjoy the peace! By the time the day ends, make your way to Worli Sea Link, watch the sunset and just inhale the sea breeze!


Treat yourself to Spa Luxury

Mumbai comes with all the luxuries you can ever wish for. Some are not that expensive as well. Like a nice aromatic spa treatment is just what you need for relaxing your wrecked nerves and stiff bones. Because Mumbai local trains and traffic is far from comfortable. Save up some bundles and book 5 star hotel in Mumbai like The Taj Mahal Palace; enjoy the spa and feel like royalty. There is nothing wrong in splurging on luxuries once in a while.


Seek out the Far away Beaches

Juhu beach is amazing, no doubt! But then, isolated beaches are heaven! Go on a road trip to Marve, Manori and Gorai! The beaches are very isolated, perfect for the required peace! While in Gorai, skip Essel World and instead head to Global Vipassana Pagoda which is just a stone’s throw away. The view from Pagoda is amazing and the Pagoda itself is dazzling. Indulge in some meditation at the Pagoda. The silence in the dome is reverberating and all you can hear is your breath. Gorge on the seafoods at Manori and be satiated with the sinful taste! The places are insanely picturesque; do not miss any shot.


Island hopping

Get away from the city’s hustle, grab a ferry ride and sail away to surrounding islands. Head towards Madh Island and spend an entire day there, doing nothing but just walking on the shore, eating delicious food along with some booze and being lazy all day long. The environment is really peaceful and the ferry ride is worth every penny spent. For the history buffs, sail to Elephanta island and witness history come to life in the caves. The experience is totally enthralling!


So, now you know what to do and where to head if you seek peace in Mumbai! Explore Mumbai like the way you should. Head to the places where Mumbai naps. Experience peace in the hustle of Mumbai and then you would never hate Mumbai for it’s rush. Because with rush comes peace as well!

60 thoughts on “Mumbai : The City that never sleeps

  1. Hi Gokul,

    I like the idea that you can hit up some relaxing haven not too far away.

    Whether beach, or islands, or heck, just if you head to spa in town, being able to pull back from the bustle of a major urban center like Mumbai helps you recharge.

    I totally know what you mean, as far as locals thriving on the energy. I see it in NYC too. Like a controlled chaos, where all looks hectic but everything and everybody moves along smoothly.

    Thanks for sharing Gokul.


  2. Hehehe. As a small town girl myself, I totally appreciate the need to escape what urbanites think is the main attraction of their environment once in a while. Also, I never knew people of Mumbai are called Mumbaikers. Cool!

  3. I have never been to India, but I love your ending; to go where Mumbai naps so that you won’t hate it when it doesn’t. I can imagine how that constant chaos would take a lot to get used to.

  4. India is on the bucket list and Mumbai sure looks like a great place. I had no idea you could go island hopping from there. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My hubby and I specifically picked out our home because it’s close enough to the city that we can visit but not so close that the days feel rushed. I’ve never prednisone heard of the Global Vipassana Pagoda before, but I loved the pagodas I’ve seen in countries like China.

  6. We have only transited through Mumbai, will have to plan a stay next time. A stay at the Taj Mahal Palace and a visit to some of the islands is on our wishlist.

  7. You describe another side of Mumbai that I’ve never heard of. I would love to watch the sunset Worli Sea Link and drive to the remote beaches of Marve, Manori and Gorai. I also didn’t realize there were islands so close-by.

  8. I didn’t know people from Mumbai are called Mumbaikars. You learn something new every day. These all sounds like great ways to escape the city. Island hopping sounds like a lot of fun to me.

  9. We have never been to India and Mumbai is one of the cities we are considering. Thanks for this well-rounded view of the city.

  10. Thanks for the post and info. When I first saw the title “never sleeps” I thought it would be about the Night life and city scenes of the city. But Seems like it actually has more around the ocean as there are so many beaches to explore! I will keep that in mind for my nizagara visits in the future. @ knycx.journeying

  11. Great tips on Mumbai. I’ve never had a strong urge to visit the city because it seems so chaotic and crazy (though I live in China, so you wouldn’t think that would be an issue). It prednisone is good to get some tips for getting out of the city, do some island hopping, and getting a break from Mumbai. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Yes, Mumbai really never sleeps. And with that, it pours in lust for life in everyone. Sometimes I am simply in awe of Mumbai, while at other times I am totally in love with it.

  13. I’ve been in India before and I totally understand what is to enjoy a quiet place after so much noise and traffic. If I ever go to Mumbai, I will have a look at this blog post again for sure!

  14. I love your suggestions for things to do that take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Elephanta island is magnificent to visit, as are your other suggestions.

  15. I still haven’t gotten the chance to visit India. Watching sunset by the beach sounds fantastic. A luxury spa experience would be nice as well!

  16. Sounds like quite a diverse mixture of things to do in Mumbai, from the beaches and islands, to luxuries like a spa day. Personally I only last in hectic cities for a short amount of time, so I’m glad there are ways to escape the chaos and experience peace.

    Elephanta island caves sound like a great way to spend a day 🙂

  17. Stupidly, I had no idea that Mumbai was by the sea! It sounds like there are innumerable opportunities to do here. I’m all about the spa experience and my husband would love island hopping. Something for everyone, right?

  18. There is something in Mumbai that sets your feet to a faster pace as soon as you set foot on its land. Having lived in the city for some time, I always feel a thrill of excitement whenever I return to Mumbai. Mumbai is a city which has so many experiences to cherish.

  19. Your first picture of the famous landmarks of Mumbai is a stunner! I didn’t know about the island hopping option which was available, I guess this is how you can get this great shot!

  20. Walks along shore and enjoying food and drinks sound like my idea of a perfect day. I’m definitely down for some island hopping adventures!!

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