Why should you always choose the Window seat on a Flight

Why should you always choose the Window seat on a Flight

Q. Why should you always choose the Window seat on a Flight?


Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur – shared by Sally (www.our3kidsvtheworld.com)



Taipei to Seoul – shared by Nathan (http://www.alwaysafriday.com)



Buenos Aires to Santiago – shared by Lauren (www.hashtagljojlo.com)



Mexico City to San Jose – shared by Dinh-Long (http://dlplayground.com)



Doha to Paris – shared by Stephanie (http://ethnotravels.com)



Buenos Aires to Montevideo – shared by Tom (www.traveltomtom.net)



Male to Doha – shared by Claudia (http://www.myadventuresacrosstheworld.com)



London Heathrow to Hong Kong – shared by Alison (http://www.upandatemtravel.com)



Delhi to Leh – shared by Raksha (http://therovingheart.com)



Munich to Dresden – shared by Kaylie (http://happinesstravelshere.com/)



Brunei to Jeddah –  shared by Noel (www.tenthousandstrangers.com)



Lisbon to London –  shared by Kavita (http://www.kaveyeats.com)



Seychelles to Mauritius – shared by Petro (www.worldmission196.com)



Key West Florida to Dry Tortugas National Park – shared by Carrick (http://alongforthetrip.com)



Quito to Madrid – shared by Stefan (http://nomadicboys.com)



Las Vegas to Charlotte – shared by Kirsty (http://bartsgoadventuring.com)



Lisbon to Faro – shared by James (http://www.portugalist.com/)



Manila to Batanes – shared by Shayne (www.lemisstache.com)



Canberra to Gold Coast – shared by Kim-Ling (http://travel-ling.com)



Dublin to Newark – shared by Ashley (http://asoutherngypsy.com)



Geneva to Sarajevo – shared by David (http://www.travelsewhere.net)



Dubai to London – shared by Yukti (http://travelwithme247blog.com)



San Francisco to NYC – shared by Carole (http://berkeleyandbeyond.com/)



Pula to Stansted – shared by Matt (http://www.thetravelblogs.com)



Seychelles to Dubai – shared by Ben (http://benreeve.co.uk/)



Johannesburg to Cape Town – shared by Christine (http://thetravellingpinoys.com)



Brisbane to Cairns – shared by Melissa (http://thriftyfamilytravels.com/)



Lima to Cuzco – shared by (www.exploringcuriously.com)



Manila to Busuanga – shared by Marvi (http://osmiva.com)



Edinburgh to Keflavik – shared by Natasha (www.meldrumsonthemove.com)



Naples Capodichino to London Gatwick – shared by Nicky (http://thatanxioustraveller.wordpress.com)



Casablanca to Barcelona – shared by Anna (http://www.annasherchand.com)



Iceland to Gatwick – shared by Verity (www.veritru.co.uk)



Ans. Now you know why.

It is totally worth spending some extra bucks to book that window seat. As the above pictures prove, the view from above are just breathtaking.

Thanks to all bloggers for sending in their contribution.

54 thoughts on “Why should you always choose the Window seat on a Flight

  1. LOL, I was ready for safety tips and other reasons to choose the window seat but I was pleasantly surprised! I always do choose the window seat for the view and to (try) to sleep leaning against the wall. I am a terrible plane sleeper. Lovely photos!

  2. I cannot choose one over the another at all. I would definitely like to see all of the views & I’m sure there’s so much more which you can add to this list. I always ask for a window seat whenever I fly, no compromising on that 😀

  3. Wow I’ve never thought of doing a window seat compilation gallery. This is such an amazing idea and you are right. Window seat is always the right seat!

  4. Haha, you do not need to convince me to choose the window seat in a flight, I ALWAYS make sure that I do (or I get cranky if I don’t get it). Nevertheless, lovely captures, I’ve got a few of my own 🙂

  5. I always choose my seat upon booking confirmation. If not possible, I do it during online check-in. This way, I can always get a window seat.

    Thanks for including my photo of Jeddah. That window shot from Buenos Aires to Santiago was just amazing.

  6. Beautiful pictures and my London always has the best bird’s eye view, I had some great view of New York, Frankfurt, Oslo, Los Angeles, Sydney, Uluru, Victoria Falls, Cape Town, …… that’s true! That’s why I usually choose the window instead of center! @ knycx.journeying

  7. Such epic shots – on long haul flights I prefer the aisle seat, just for the ability to get in and out as I please – btu I often travel with my partner, and we usually get the row of 3 which is awesome, so we get the window seat for photos on take off and landing.

    I’ve done the Buenos Aires to Santiago and LOVED those mountain views. Flying into La Paz, Bolivia too was amazing because it’s the highest city in the world, and you’re so close to the mountains even though you’re flying at a normal altitude. Lake Titicaca can be seen from the window too which is the highest navigable lake in the world – stunning turquoise water patterns. Great post!

  8. Definitely, this kind of pictures is reason enough to opt for a window seat on a plane. But there are many others too why always look for a window seat. One of them is it is more comfortable if you want to take a nap.

  9. Best argument I have ever seen Gokul. Dude, I am an aisle guy. But any time I was pushed to the windows I got some fab snaps. My fave above is the Male to Doha, and my fave in person were a few snaps I got sitting by the window above the South Pacific on the way to Fiji. What brilliant shots above. Thanks for sharing.


  10. I always fly window seat! It’s truly the best because of the built in entertainment 🙂 My favorite view ever was from Oslo to Tromso. It was my first time into the Arctic.

  11. Personally because I fly so much long haul, the aisle is my friend. 30+ hours of being cramped in by someone in the window doesn’t do it for me. I understand it though for shorter flights and some prednisone of these shots are definitely amazing. The one near Cairns is probably my fave as it’s in my home state.

  12. If it’s a short flight, and during day time, I always choose window flights. Night flights and long haul I always choose aisle for convenience. Nice way to convince us to choose window seats though!

  13. I am the aisle seat kind of person but you just made me doubt in my decisions, haha. Next time I fly, I will think about your post for sure. Awesome pictures!

  14. Lovely compilation of pictures from the window seats. The aerial views are reason enough to choose the window seats but I only wish the other two seats are empty so that I don’t have to squeeze through to walk to the washroom 🙂

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