Fall in Love with Indonesia

Fall in Love with Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its natural beauty and a stunning landscape that ranges from active volcanoes to beaches. Let us not even talk about the tiny islands left to be explored in this region. During my 2 weeks stay there, I was able to see just a fraction of what this country really has to offer. So I decided to round up a few travel bloggers who have been to Indonesia and their pictures clearly showcases the beauty of this country. It is hard not to fall in love with this country once you take a look at these snaps.


Mt Rinjani, Lombok

It is an absolutely stunning 4-day trek to the summit of an active volcano with dramatic scenery and a hot springs waterfall along the way!!! – Val & Nick (Wandering Wheatleys)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/wanderingwheatleys/


Raja Ampat

Raja ampat is the one and only place to go off the beaten path in Indonesia: find your own Robinson Crusoe adventure on any of the unlimited deserted paradise islands. – Tom (Travel TomTom)

IG : http://instagram.com/traveltomtom


Campuhan Ridge, North Bali

Walking down Campuhan Ridge in northern Bali is not only therapeutic but rewarding once you get to the end and can relax at a cafe with a cool beverage. – Taiss (Together To Wherever)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/togethertowherever/


Pulau Papan, Togian islands

Spearfishing with the Bajua “sea-gypsies” of Central Sulawesi the traditional way; freediving, handmade wooden goggles, no fins and home-made guns. – Campbell (Stingy Nomads)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/stingy_nomads/


Canggu, Bali

We watched sunsets in different locations but sunset in Canggu stood out from the rest. Not only because it was beautiful but because it also gave the atmosphere great for having a beer while watching it. It was just too relaxing. – Ruben (Gamin Traveler)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/gamintraveler/


Kanawa Island, Komodo

The island is fully surrounded by white sandy beaches and coral, making it the perfect place for divers and snorkelers. In fact, I did the best diving of my life while staying on Kanawa! – Nathan (Foodie Flashpacker)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/foodieflashpacker/


Cemoro Lawang, East Java

Cemoro Lawang sitting on the edge of the Tengger Caldera with a sea of clouds hiding the sand sea. – Mike Still (Live Travel Teach)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/livetravelteach


Ubud, Bali

Visiting Ubud in Bali during the Galungan festival is a fantastic experience and all along the streets you will find Penjors (bamboo poles) at the side of the road. The poles may be as high as 10 meters and add a wonderful element to this already beautiful part of Indonesia. – Mike Clegg (Travel and Destinations)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/mikecleggphoto/


Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Bali

Pura Bratan is one of the most beautiful water temple in Indonesia located cliffside that will take your breath away. – Maria (Travel With Maria)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/mariarona12/


Lovina, Bali

Lovina turned out to be quiet and peaceful, a completely different side of Bali. Just before we left, we were blessed with this incredible double rainbow! – Marco (Life is a Trip)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/lifeisatripcom/


Bat Island, Komodo

After a fun day lapping up the sun around the island of Komodo National Park, our boat took pause at Bat Island (or Palau Kalong). The spot is a well-known area for bat watching, as just as dusk approaches, thousands upon thousands of bats screech across the sky for the night. It’s quite a sight to behold! – Luke (Backstreet Nomad)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/backstreetnomad/


Gilli Meno

Soft powder white sand beneath your feet, crystal clear azure water, a cocktail in a hammock and barely any tourists to disturb the peace and tranquility – what’s not to love about Gilli Meno?! – Leanne (The Globetrotter GP)

IG : http://instagram.com/theglobetrottergp


Namalatu Beach, Ambon

The back drop was stunning, clean blue skies, boarded with palms and surrounded by the crashing waves. We took in the scenery and then sat back and watched their perforce called the Sahureka-Reka! – Kayla (Kelana by Kayla)


Treasure Bay, Bintan

Coming in from Singapore, Bintan is the nearest place we could go to at Indonesia and Treasure Bay was our choice of stay. It was a place worth visiting and is truly a treasure of Indonesia. – Jerny (The Jerny)

IG : http://instagram.com/thejerny


Doom Island, West Papua

Doom Island in West Papua, Indonesia has a rich history with a lot of Japanese and Dutch influences, and best explored  by becaks playing reggae. – Gordon (Short Holidays and Getaways)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/gordon_arthur/


Mt Batur, Bali

Watching the sun rise over Lombok from Mt.Batur on Bali island left me breathless, both from the hike and this view. – Dolly (Dolly’s Quest)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/dollysquest/


Ubud Market, Ubud

In the middle of bustling Ubud Market in Bali, the atmosphere suddenly changed as we approached the market temple. – Dawn (5 Lost Together)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/5losttogether/


Munduk, Bali

The beautifully green Munduk in Bali, during an exhilarating bike and off-road buggy adventure day. – Claire (Backpacking Bella)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/backpackingbella


Tanah Lot, Bali

Set atop an offshore rock, beautiful Tanah Lot is one in a chain of seven sea temples on the southwest coast of Bali. – Carole (Travels With Carole)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/caroletmeyers


Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Bali

Bali is not just beach and surf. One of the more profound adventures is to be found up north at the gorgeous Jatiluwih rice terraces – my personal favorite. – Callan (Singapore N Beyond)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/singaporenbeyond/


Mt Bromo, East Java

Mt Penanjakan offers the best viewpoints to see the sunrise of Mt Bromo. – Arimo (Arimo Travels)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/arimotravels


Tarimbang Beach, Island of Sumba

Azure waters, powdery white sand and not a soul in sight, Tarimbang Beach on the Island of Sumba, my idea of paradise.  – Kaylie (Happiness Travels Here)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/happinesstravelshere/


Mt Kelimutu, Flores

The sun rises over Kelimutu and the water starts to get color, shape, and density. It’s a spiritual and sacred place for the natives. When someone dies, his spirit goes into one of these lakes and immerses in its magical waters forever. – Miguel (Travelsauro)

IG : http://www.instagram.com/travelsauro


Lovina Beach, Bali

In Lovina, on Bali’s north coast, one goes out to the sea when it is still dark – just in time for sunrise and for the very moment, when the first rays of the sun make the scenery appear in a miraculous light. – Clemens (Travellers Archive)

IG : http://instagram.com/anekdotique


Now you see what I am talking about.

Thanks to all bloggers for sending in their wonderful contributions.

49 thoughts on “Fall in Love with Indonesia

  1. I haven’t been to Indonesia yet, but these photos all highlight wonderful reasons to fall in love with this part of the world. Bali is high on my list, but I’d love to check out other places like Ambon and Gilli Meno.

  2. I have only ever been to Bali and spent a while month in Ubud a few years ago volunteering and I really fell in love with it. Such a great place. I would love to go back and explore the Gillies and Lombok too. Komodo sounds awesome too. Great post. Makes me want to get back ASAP.

  3. Hi Gokul,

    I just love Bali. Especially Ubud.

    Seeing the dude riding down that village street via motorbike reminds me of the hundreds of times I have taken similar journeys between town center and the surrounding rice fields. Magical place.

    We also love Jimbaran, Seminyak and the Bukit in general. Best beaches on the island, on the Bukit, with jaw-dropping views as you make your way toward Ganung Payung Beach.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ah yes I love Bali – so many many many reasons to! I’ve been to a few of the places on your list but am seeing more and more I need to visit. Komodo is definitely on the list. Thanks for all the inspiration

  5. I’m lovin’ this list! What amazing photos, too! Makes me wish I was back in Indonesia again. There is so much we still haven’t seen so we must go back!

  6. Indonesia is really a very beautiful country, rich in natural beauty. There is indeed so much to see beyond Bali. Your post throws a fresh perspective about the country and comes up with wonderful possibilities.

  7. I’m only a short distance away in Australia so I can’t wait to visit Indonesia! It really prednisone does seem like the trip of a lifetime especially for someone like me who loves being immersed in culture and nature. Komodo Island is on my list, though wow on the photo of Cemoro Lawang, East Java here! Truly looks like the end of the world! Awesome photo of Mt Bromo too – thanks for sharing extra inspiration for Indonesia!

  8. Indonesia is such a vast place and looks like there is plenty to see and do there. How long would you say someone should spend here to get a good taste of the country?

  9. As I was reading, I was mentally making a list of all the stunning places I wanted to mention. However, that list got too long and I couldn’t remember every place because I want to visit them all. I think nizagara my first stop will be Cemoro Lawang, then Kanawa, Treasure Bay, Gilli Meno, and the list goes on. What a great way to showcase the beauty of Indonesia.

  10. I have never been to Indonesia and never had the urge but lately I am seeing more pictures of it and after your post I really need to get there some day! Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  11. I have literally prednisone just become obsessed with the idea of a Bali/Komodo National Park trip for next year. It looks so beautiful and idyllic, and since I live in China now, it is not too long of a trip compared to living in the UK. Great photos too of the many beautiful spots in Indonesia.

  12. It’s funny that when people talk about Indonesia, Bali is the first thing they refer to. But from your post, it looks like there are plenty of other interesting places. I’m quite taken by Tengger Caldera and the sea of clouds! Amazing <3
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. I think if I visited, I’d fall in love too. It is simply stunning, and I would so love to visit. The contrast between beaches and mountains, lush greens – it’s breathtaking. Amazing photos too!

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