Welcome to My World!!!

Welcome to My World!!!

Myself an IT Professional by day and a Blogger by night. Fed up of following the Life Flowchart designed by the Society, which made my life really miserable. Being the only child for my parents, there were always a lot of expectations looming over my head. Binge watching movies and TV shows and playing games pretty much made up my day. I think it got a bit late to realize that there is a Big World out there to be explored.

As an Introvert, moving out of my Comfort Zone never came naturally to me. When you say Introvert, people think you are the shy kind. But I am not really shy, I do have a threshold point for my temper, after which i send the introvert guy packing. If you want to know what an introvert really is, check this and this.

Coming back to my Life, it was not really going down the right path for me and soon the Quarter Life Crisis hit me hard. A trial of confused identity, misguided purpose and hopeless transition made me rethink my options.

That is when Travel Blogs caught my sight. When ever I got time, I started reading them, fascinated by the stories, pictures, places, culture and what not. After reading numerous blogs, I decided to break the bubble and face the world on my 25th birthday with a Solo Trip to Goa,India in 2016.

In this Travel Blog, I will be sharing my travel experiences as they come by and keep this blog updated with whatever Life throws towards me.

Find my First Post here.

For any queries, please email me at plansavetravel@gmail.com.

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