Welcome to My World!!!

Welcome to My World!!!

An IT Professional by day and a Blogger by night.

As an Introvert, moving out of my Comfort Zone never came naturally to me. When I say Introvert, people think I am the shy kind. But I am not really shy. I consider myself more as an outgoing introvert. I like hanging around with the right kind of people and get social only when I want to.

Being an introvert, traveling was totally out of the question a year back. I tried many different hobbies to take a break from my monotonous life but I could not really stick on to something. That is when Travel Blogs caught my sight. Whenever I got time, I started reading them, fascinated by the stories, pictures, places, culture and what not. After reading numerous blogs, I decided to break the bubble and face the world on my 25th birthday with a Solo Trip to Goa in 2016.

After having traveled Solo for almost an year now, I won’t say I have become more social but I have become a lot more independent. Although I did get better at making friends while traveling, I always prefer having a one to one conversation than hanging out in a big group. Some of these friendships stay (thanks to social media) and some fade away with time but the moments I collect along the way make my travels worth it.

With each place I visit, I learn new things, try new food, get a dose of local history. I am glad that I am getting the opportunity to travel in my 20s and the adventures I stumble across are something I will cherish for a lifetime.

I love the way things are now, it is not monotonous anymore. I am either traveling or planning prednisone my next adventure. I always have something to look forward to. And I would prefer to travel Solo as long as I can, because there is nothing better than the freedom it provides.

In this Travel Blog, I will be sharing my travel experiences as they come by and keep this nizagara blog updated with whatever Life throws towards me.

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(Updated Aug 04, 2017)

For any queries, please email me at plansavetravel@gmail.com.

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